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Our site, is all about us, what we do, what services we offer, our expertise, our clients, our benefits, our methodology and various other things. But clients need something concrete to experience us, our services and how we go about developing applications, websites and games. Case Study, this is a sacred page to us where we intend to share with our clients our step wise development process happening live on a project. Here clients will also learn our approach to challenges, the way we take when challenges emerge during a project and come out victorious, overcoming the hurdle.

Lost Gliders Case Study




A Cross-platform Game Application

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Cloud Word iPad Case Study

Education Application for the iPad, take notes and do more while attending meetings or lectures. The application was to be used by those attending lectures so it definitely had to be simple, light weight, fast and user friendly. Next challenge was to select a platform which would allow us the technological edge needed for the application.


X-code 4.0, audio toolbox framework, custom text editor framework, quartz 2d, core graphics framework


Education Application for iPad

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Whats MyM3 Case Study

Depression and anxiety level indicator/application developed for Android and iPhone. It is popularly said that health is wealth, however among all, mental health, though often ignored is the most important. Previously there was no subsequent way through which people can check their mental well being. M3 score is a way out for them.

Dr. Larry Culpepper, MD, MPH, Professor of Family Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine

Android SDK API - 8 (Version 2.2 and later), iOS 5.1, XCode 4.2

Android and iPhone Application

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Health Care Case Study

Technologically evolving industry gains momentum with our dedicated solutions. The Client's main goal was to develop the online system based on Clinical Research and Analysis and Interactive Application. The challenge to serve user friendly application for all medical individuals like Doctors, Hospitals, Patients for 7 countries in Gulf.

Gulf Heart Associtaion

Pen, Paper, PHP, Zend Framework, MYSQL, JQuery, AJAX, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, Photoshop.


Website Development

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Ecommerce Case Study

Sell, sell and sell more, we will be there to look after other things. Our client Sahm Al-Nour is a not for profit, non governmental and non political organization working with the objective to ensure that every single being on the planet whether a follower of Islam or not has access to Quran. This they plan

Sahm Al-Nour

Magento Ecommerce platform, Mysql Database

Ecommerce Website Development

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B2B E-Commarce Case Study

Concisely cover exhaustive details of a portal for various industries. When Paul Riddett, CEO of Printmotion contacted Perception System with his project requirements and what he intended us to do with his site, it was clear to us that this was a complete transition for Printmotion.

PHP, Zend Framework, MYSQL, JQuery, AJAX, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, Photoshop

Web Portal Development

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Gyro Galaxy Case Study

Creating enthralling games sure to fill players with thrill. In our first of its kind 3D game development experience it would have been really easy for us to develop a simple one button game, but, we did not opt for it because that would have been a really small project for us to try our skills on and eventually would have been very easy to accomplish


Unity 3D, Open GLES, Prime 31 UI toolkit, IOS SDK 4.2, Android SDK 2.2 and 3DS Max.


iPhone and iPad Game Development

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