Digital Branding

With constant increasing in the internet through social media as well as social web, the demand of digital channels has been increased as it can be used to hold a dialogue between a Brand and a Consumer. As we all know that digital brand is one of the main keys that focus on communication through the web.

Digital brand is a key focus on communication via the web. Our company can design and programs different varieties of websites. In fact, we can also say that there are thousands of companies in the market that spend huge amount of money on building the positive reputation for their brand:


As we all know that day-by-day several brands being built on regular basis so it is most important to look for one such digital branding company, which offer you such high quality services. With Perception System, most of the business owners are able to hit their target market in very short time period. Digital branding is possible through various different ways like mobile branding, video, SEO/SEM, Social Media, Viral, Intranets and more.

At Perception System, we have experienced professionals, who understand the importance of brand and offer you such superior quality service that surely impresses you. So, if you are also one of those business owners who are looking to get their brand across the multiple platforms, our company is one of the best ways by which you are able to produce suitable marketing strategy that will surely increase your sales in vibrant manner. Here, we are using right medium and methods to produce your brand image so you don’t have to bother about the methods that used by us.

Perception System, for shake of your brand enhancement and proper presentation, can design and programs many varieties of websites, each specializing in a particular type of content or use, and they may be arbitrarily classified in any number of ways. A few such classifications might include:

  • Archive site: used to preserve valuable electronic content threatened with extinction.
  • Content site: sites whose business is the creation and distribution of original content
  • Blog (or web log) site: sites generally used to post online diaries which may include discussion forums
  • Corporate website: used to provide background information about a business, organization, or service.
  • Electronic commerce (eCommerce) site: a site offering goods and services for online sale and enabling online transactions for such sales.
  • Community site: a site where persons with similar interests communicate with each other, usually by chat or message boards
  • Java applet site: contains software to run over the Web as a Web application.
  • Forum:a site where people can sign up and discuss different topics.
  • Humor site: Satirizes parodies or otherwise exists solely to amuse.
  • Mirror site: A complete reproduction of a website.
  • Gripe site: a site devoted to the critique of a person, place, corporation, government, or institution.
  • News site: similar to an information site, but dedicated to dispensing news and commentary.
  • Political site: A site on which people may voice political views.
  • Rating site: A site on which people can praise or disparage what is featured.
  • Review site: A site on which people can post reviews for products or services.
  • Video sharing: A site that enables user to upload videos.
  • Social book marking site: a site where users share other content from the internet and rate and comment on the content.
  • School site: a site on which teachers, students, or administrators can post information about current events at or involving their school.
  • Search engine site: a site that provides general information and is intended as a gateway or lookup for other sites.
  • Web portal: a site that provides a starting point or a gateway to other resources on the Internet or an intranet.
  • Affiliate: enabled portal that is rend not only its custom CMS but also syndicated content from other content providers for an agreed fee. There are usually three relationship tiers. Affiliate Agencies, Advertisers and consumer.
  • City Site: A site that shows information about a certain city or town and events that takes place in that town. Usually created by the city council or other “movers and shakers”.
  • Information site: contains content that is intended to inform visitors, but not necessarily for commercial purposes. Most government, educational and non-profit institutions have an informational site.
  • Personal homepage: run by an individual or a small group (such as a family) that contains information or any content that the individual wishes to include. These are usually uploaded using a web hosting service.
  • Social networking site: a site where users could communicate with one another and share media, such as pictures, videos, music, blogs, etc. with other users. These may include games and web applications.
  • Wiki site: a site which users collaboratively edit

An intranet brand identity is more than just an eye-catching image or zippy slogan. It also harnesses and projects the collective experiences of its users. When done properly, an effective intranet brand identity will:

Digital Branding
  • contributes to system recognition by giving it a “face”
  • help define the intranet’s primary purpose without being overly wordy
  • eliminate the fear factor especially among those who are not technically inclined since familiarity conduces comfort
  • distinguish the intranet from other, possibly similar, IT systems or the organization’s external Web site
  • build trust and loyalty within the user community
  • allow users to more easily identify the source of content
  • Help reduce overall marketing effort and expenses, allowing you to take advantage of peer-based word of mouth, once the system’s brand is established.

Mobile Branding is branding via the most measurable, personal and direct link to consumers ever created: The mobile phone. By using the mobile medium to create differentiation, generate sales, and build customer loyalty as never before possible. It’s not just about delivering a commercial message through mobile phones. But it can also mean creating unique, branded experiences that engage consumers in amazing new ways or that serve them anytime, everywhere.


Viral branding is a low cost branding technique used to produce impressive results such as improving brand visibility and building public awareness regarding one’s product or company. Usually, a viral campaign consists of passive as well as interactive components including video clips, images, music tracks, pod casts, interactive Flash games and text messages.

Social Media

Our Social media branding would serve a purpose, whether that’s to listen more closely to customers and provide a forum for dialogue, build awareness for your company and product, increase product sales, improve site traffic and/or countless other reasons without spending much on it.


One of the greatest benefits of search engine marketing lies in the fact that it’s one of the marketing strategies that’s more measurable than most. Making use of search engine marketing services lets you immediately determine the number of conversions you’ve achieved, whether into online leads or sales, as well as how much revenue your SEM has generated, and the overall return on investment.

In essence, search engine marketing is a form of internet marketing that promotes your online presence by increasing it’s visibility in search engine result pages. This may be achieved by a variety of means, including search engine optimization, paid placement, and contextual advertising.

This is an increasingly popular, perhaps vital, technique that optimises your web content to give it greater relevance in search engine results. Search engine optimization marketing has become a major marketing tool in a modern online environment, and it’s a service that Perception System is putting to excellent use when it comes to targeting their specific consumer market.

According to some wide-ranging research in the US, searchers are 38% more likely to perceive a brand as being of “exceptional quality,” simply from seeing a paid or sponsored link on their search results page. The study determined that this perception arose even without clicking on the link, and determining the credibility of the brand personally.

According to the study, a high search engine ranking is automatically equated with a perception of leadership and credibility.

Along with a new appreciation of the importance of brand credibility in the sales process, many companies are approaching us for making use of search engine marketing solely to build their brand.


Video is a viable medium to communicate lots of things in powerful ways. Videos are not just for DVD or TV anymore. The Internet is the newest channel for all sorts of video experiences, because it offers a more intimate experience, user control and people can view it on their own time.

Smart brands are embracing this trend and realizing the benefits. As a result Perception System have been producing all sorts of video projects, including brand vision videos, corporate communications videos, product launch videos, educational videos, and more.

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Are you thinking to adopt Flash animation service? Flex is a highly productive, free, open source framework that used for developing expressive web applications. And we, at Perception System, are sketching remarkable visual design of the user interface layout, considering your business requirements. If you also have any business requirements then contact our sales representatives for instant solution.