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5 Ways WhatsApp Will Ruin Your Life And Steps to Get Back Our Happy Life

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Sometime we ask ourselves that what WhatsApp have done with us. Previously, when we are ignoring someone, he/she doesn’t know. But now, ignorance comes with a proper name called ‘blue ticks’. Just like iMessage and BBM, if we have WhatsApp privacy settings, we would not have a clue that someone was ignoring or not.

We could sit and just believe that he/she is not replying as he’s fallen asleep. But, after this latest WhatsApp update our life become ruin as with its blue mark, one can come to know that his/her friend have read the message. Moreover, there are many ways this latest update have ruined our life, just check out what they are.

An ‘invisible’ last seen

Some of the people have the problem of their ‘last seen’ and thus, WhatsApp came with a perfect solution. The solution is you have to hide your ‘last seen’ and you will be blamed for ‘hiding’ your location. However, there are many other things you can do when you are not seen on WhatsApp.

What Blue Tick Means?

We all know that Blue is the color peace, but here it will bring surges of sudden annoyance. Here, having blue tick means ‘I read’ conversation and if you not answered, it also means ‘I ignored’. This creates misunderstanding or proper understanding in the mind of the sender.

Changing DP frequently

Many of people like to change their profile picture frequently, just to show their friends about their life situations. The latest trend comes in the WhatsApp to change DP to make jealous to your ex. It would be great to upload happy pictures. Moreover, you can also add some funny pictures with your friends or close relatives.

Group Chat

You have read message before 5 hours as it shows blue ticks then how you can say you don’t read message. It seems to be funny for your side.

Being A Perfect Riveting Conversation

Just suppose you have an appealing conversation with somebody and your chat has converted into full sentences and emojis. After that, you got message from someone else. If you are not going to the other chat then the blue tick makes obvious to the person. This results into bouncing to and from conversation in order to make happy everyone.

How to Remove Blue Tick From WhatsApp?

Do you want to escape the blue tick? There are some effective methods for you that work well with your WhatsApp.

One of the easiest methods is to read message is to peep from the notification bar. However, avoid clicking on the message as it opens your WhatsApp and message will get a blue tick.


Apart from, there are two more tricks. But sadly, among two, one only works for Android not iOS users. When you get message, just pull down the notification bar and read the message, it works for iOS users as well. But, if your message is of 3-4 lines then Android users can touch on the message and expand notification message for reading. If you are finding more than one message or longer message then you are not unable to do this.


One more trick is to add desktop to your launcher, if you don’t have. Now, it’s time to add a WhatsApp widget in full screen mode and the thing is over. When you receive message from the sender, you just have to simply head on to the widget and check out the whole message in detail. You just have to ensure to avoid clicking on any message as it would open your WhatsApp accidentally.

It is also recommended to install an app lock application to lock WhatsApp with a password or pattern to stop opening WhatsApp accidently.

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Publish on Nov 20 2014