commas-leftMany of you all may have old android smart-phones and tablets in your cupboard that are not useful for you now, but apart from calling and messaging, you can use those android devices for other purposes.commas-right

Many of you all may have some old android phones and tablets in your cupboard that you are not using anymore. So, what’s the use of such phones and tablets? Just take out those phones and tablets. Now!

You know there is so much that your android device can do for you apart from calling and messaging. You can easily help your old Android device break free from your cupboard and become useful for you.

Below given are some of the wonderful uses of old Android Phones & Tablets:

MP3 Player:
Are you a biggest music lover? If yes, it is best to use your old android smart-phone and tablet as a MP3 player. From our android smartphones and tablets, we are trying to take out each drop of battery life, and if you love to listen to music, you can waste your huge battery, so it is great idea to make use of your old android smartphone and tablet as a dedicated MP3 player.

This is a great way of conserving your battery life for more long time. However, an old android smart-phone with a SIM card is also best for your gym sessions. Moreover, you can also store your favorite videos for mobile viewing as well.

A Development Device:
So, you love to read cool custom ROMs on the XDA forums, but you are worried about the bricking the shine of your new android device. Don’t worry as you can make use of your old smart-phone and tablet as a development device in order to explore the wonderful world of android customization without having to bother about bricking your device. You would find lots of custom ROMs to try and if you have a specific old smart-phone or tablet, you will be well supported by the development community as well.

Alarm Clock:
There are lots of people, who still purchase alarm clocks, so it is better to take your old android phone and develop it in an android powered alarm clock. You known android 4.2 Jelly Bean comes with a Daydream that makes your alarm look more beautiful and attractive, so there is no need to have the latest android tablet or smart-phone to use it as an alarm clock. However, there are lots of applications that can easily make your old android tablet and phone into an alarm clock, so download an app and convert your device into alarm clock.

Digital Photo Frame:
One of the best uses of old android smart-phone or tablet is converting it into a digital photo frame. Well, there are lots of digital photo frames in the market to choose from, but you can use your old android device as digital photo frame to show a slideshow of your favorite pictures on your tablet. You can find lots of application to choose that allows you to make your device a perfect digital photo frame.

There are very few numbers of people, who are purchasing e-reader just like MP3 player. You can use your old smartphone or tablet as an e-reader instead of taking a battery hit on your smart-phone. If you have an old Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy S2 or any other smart-phone with OLED display, you can easily switch to the right theme and enjoy incredible battery life to the low energy consumption of OLED displays.

So, these are the five best and wonderful uses of your old Android smart-phones and tablets. Moreover, you can make some other uses as well that are not mentioned here. Keep visiting our blog for more such information and news on Android and its related solutions.