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7 Proven Methods to Increase Customer Retention for Ecommerce Sites

Customer Retention for Ecommerce Sites

While building up eCommerce business, an important element is often overlooked by most of the online merchants. There are some merchants doesn’t believe to be more effective to encourage existing one than to attract more new customers on their online store.

Attracting new customers cost more than keeping an existing one, thus it is advisable to pay attention to retention as they do to attainment.

1st Method: Know Your Customers

The foremost step you have to take to retain your customers is to know them. Check out how did they find you? What are their favorite products? Once, you find answers of these questions, it becomes easy for you to manage your site better with amazing offers and campaigns.

If you are problem in getting answers then simply ask them through email or make questionnaire. Additionally, you can also pay attention to your customer’s records and track their purchase history.

2nd Method: Keep Your Employees Satisfied

It is researched that if employee satisfaction were to get better it will result into improvement of customer satisfaction. Lifting employee’s moral encourage them to serve your customers better and this result into increase in loyalty and generate more sales.

3rd Method: Customized Suggestions and Content

It would be advisable to create section on your website that delivers customized content and product suggestions to your customers according to their needs. Moreover, you can also offer them original content on the basis of their previously purchased or viewed products.

To enhance more sales, you can also figure out what actually right for them or you can also show them other products that make them continually visit their website.

4th Method: Feedback option

No matter you are receiving positive or negative feedback; it always helps you to enhance your company. Another option is you can send survey form to check out how your site was helpful to them. Moreover, you can also ask customers reason about returned items. If you are offering some special discounts through coupons then let them know through mail.

5th Method: Use loyalty tools

Using loyalty tools is the latest trends. Depending on your business, it would be great to use loyalty programs, including discount, VIP programs, rewards cards, events, and so on. If you are not interested in creating elaborate programs then simple try thoughtful actions like phone calls or handwritten notes.

6th Method: Put Holiday Promotions/ Deals on Homepage

According to some retailers, consumer attention time is getting shorter, especially during holiday time. Mostly, customers discard their shopping in the half ways due to slow page load times.

That simply means one should have to hold their customers by highlighting home page with some promotion and deals. Changing site’s homepage frequently makes your customer visit frequently for more existing offers and deals.

7th Method: Deliver Remarkable Customer Service

In spite of delivering great product, it is must for every merchant to deliver best customer service. If you are attending while they are browsing, it would be best to assist them over the call or you can also respond through Facebook. Treating them exceptionally helps you to create strong relationship.

These are seven effective solutions for your ecommerce website that works to gain more business. If you have some other solutions and want to share with us then share through comment section. For more information about any eCommerce website related query, Visit here.

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Publish on Jan 23 2014