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7 Simple Ways to Enhance Customer Experience This Year

Enhance Customer Experience

In this highly competitive market, it is very much important for e-commerce retailers to give their customers a highly satisfied customer experience so that they feel pleased and become their permanent customers.
This year, customer experience is one of the keys to a successful e-commerce business, so giving your customers a satisfied service can boost customer experience. It is also true that the gap between customers’ expectations and the service they receive is huge.
It is one such era, where customers expect personalized, competent service and they wanted to connect with the company any time so that they can solve their query (if have any) and get answers of their questions related to products.
Today’s customers want to feel connected to the companies with whom they are interacting. Remember that you create unforgettable customer experience so that your customers feel blessed to be your customers and always stay in touch with your company.
However, if you want to enhance customer experience in this year (2014), you should check-out these 10 simple ways that can help you to boost customer experience:

1st way: Know Your Customers

One of the major ways to enhance customer experience is to know your customers, their requirements and their issues.
If your staff members, who are handling your customers, are really going to understand your customers and know their needs, they can easily able to empathize with the situation that they are facing.
By empathizing the situation, your employees can easily serve your customers a better service and solve their issue no matter how much time it takes. One of the excellent ways that performed by awards finalist is that they have created life-size cut-out models of various customers’ types.
They have their customer’s names and personalities as per their own that front line staff can easily identify and understand.
An innovative way that one awards finalist did this was to create life-size cut-out models of different customer types. They gave them names and personalities of their own that front line staff can recognize and understand.

2nd way: Make Sure to Support Your Service Offering with Your Brand

To boost customer experience, it is highly important to stay true to your brand as well as design a service experience, which align your value proposition.
As we all know that customers need to know what type of company represents – which one is particularly important in today’s message-cluttered social media world. Let’s take an example to ease with the understanding:
One of the biggest and most popular companies Apple’s products are highly popular and demanded in the market. The price of the products is premium. The company’s customer service is very popular with its brand and it is delivered on the customers’ terms.
For instance, you can easily arrange a phone call with Apple professional, who can easily solve your query and one can talk with him as per his/her convenience. As an option, you can also send an email to the company or browse its wide knowledge base.

3rd way: Get Feedback From Your Customers

It is essential for all the e-commerce retailers to ask for customers’ feedback as it can offer very important and valuable approaching for your business, products and service that you offered them.
To know your customers’ satisfaction, you can send out a short and sweet survey to your customers, no matter whether you will get positive or negative reviews, but you should ask for it so that you come know about your customers and what they are feeling for your products.
Through feedback, you can directly influence to make changes (where requires), what kind of aspects you want to highlight more and which parts need to continue exactly the same. When any customer provide feedback, a company can easily save its money, time and enhance relationships with customers that results in improvement customer experience.

4th way: Develop an Emotional Connection with your Customers

Many of you all think why to face the trouble of understanding customer’s personalities and needs because you memorable customer experience is best created when an agent gets an emotional connection with a customer.
Developing an emotional connection with your customers is completely best as you can understand them, their needs and taste and it will be not difficult for you to serve them. However, they will also share their issue with you quickly so that you can solve it as soon as possible.

5th way: Ensure That You Train Customer Facing Employees

Giving training to customer-facing employees is very much essential for them as you can give them customer experience training from day one because this training change from traditional call center training in that it tends to be more customized to reproduce the company’s brand, desired customer experience and relationships with customers.
While providing training to your customers, you should cover principles of customer experience, the basics of customer segmentations and the concept of delivering memories and not just transactions.

6th way: Get Benefit of Social & Mobile in Generating Good Customer Experience

As we all know that the future of marketing as well as developing a good and strong customer experience lies in taking the benefit of social media and mobile technology.
When it comes to significance of mobile and social media in developing a smooth customer experience, it is also only going to expand day-by-day. Various businesses are there, who are positive in adapting to these new mediums, can reap the advantages of a happier and loyal customer base.
Now-a-days, customers can easily locate their close and near shops through their mobile gadgets and share their experience on real time.
They can share good customer reviews online, but if they troubled by a product or service, they rage their experience on social networks or try to reach out to the company online.

7th way: Determine the Return on Investment From offering great customer experience:

Last, but not least way is determining the return on investment from offering great customer experience. One can easily noticed the success of providing high technological services to their customers through business results.
If they are noticing high business results, it means investing on people, process, technology and operations is working well.
So, above mentioned 7 ways are completely best and simple ways to enhance customer experience this year (2014). Therefore, every e-commerce retailer should adopt these ways if they really wanted to improve their customer experience and get numerous benefits.
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