commas-leftSoon, Android 5.0 released with its new Android OS at the Google I/O event that will take place on June 25-26. It is expected that new version comes with some fabulous features that WOWs android customers. Go through this post and know what they are.commas-right

On the official Twitter page, Google presented a hint of the existence of a new Android 5.0 with picture for their tech-heads. They have posted picture of Google Now to show some latest features, where users can simply see World Cup scores and schedules. One of the biggest Android and Google themed events, Developer Conference will be held on June 25th and 26th in which new introductions of both on the software and hardware will be shown. Continue reading to know what it brings for its users.

New Devices:
It is expected that Android 5 will either be run in a Nexus phone or a tablet. At the end of last year, the Google Nexus 5 launched Android 4.4, and we think that the Nexus 10 will be appeared that means a tablet launch for the new Operating System. We also heard that a Nexus 8 will supposedly launch with Android 4.5, so maybe this device will make debut with Android Lollipop.

We can’t see any sign of the dessert-based name like its predecessor. It is expected that Google will slip back to its naming principle by calling next version as “Android Lollipop.” According to some reports, it is expected that the new Android’s name will initiate with either M or L.

Google Now:
Google Now is one of the best evolutions of Google’s search software. The idea is simple, you just have to predict what you want or require before serve it in a communicative format. Google has been working with brands and partners that touch user’s lives more than they know. With Google Now, you will get reminder of your favorite show or get reminder of watering to plant and so on.

Google Music Subscriptions:
Users may find a Spotify-like music service that would integrate into Android as Google has been talking with several record labels. Right now, Google Play Music offers to upload their own music to Google’s servers to users and also offers streaming options from different Android devices and Web browsers.

Google Play News:
It is one of the best services for users, who want to update themselves with all latest news. This service is just like same as their old magazine service.

Integrated Messaging:
It is fun to have one integrated app for all Google services, including Google Voice, Google Talk, SMS, Gmail, and the Google+ Messenger. Supposing that the new messaging service displays at Google I/O or in a near future, we would be expecting Google to incorporate the app or client into the new release of Android.

In-Built Fitness Apps:
Google’s next version of Android may have more fitness smarts built-in. Android’s future version allows software to harness “fitness data from sensors on your Android device.” This could be built into future Android devices; however, its API will play excellent with Android-based smart watches and even Google Glass.

Google Gaming Center:
The latest one is Google is about to test their hands in Android gaming waters. A chief game designer, titled as “Chief Game Designer at Android Play Studio” is hired by Google earlier this month. Google may also thinking to launch its own games and develop a gaming hub through which users can connect with their friends and other players that provides achievements and Leaderboards.

These are some commendable features that we find in latest Android 5.0 with a total new interface.