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8 Mobile Apps Development Trends that Developers Should Know


As we all know that the end of the year 2014 is near, so everyone is looking forward to 2016 and what changes they can see in the mobile application industry. Everyone is expecting something new and revolutionizing that take the mobile application development industry to the next level.

Well, there are lots of trends that we can see in the mobile development market that will be adopt by developers in 2016, so lets’ have a look on these trends:

1. HTML5 – To Become the Most Popular Mobile Development Platform

In the last couple of years, HTML5 has gained huge popularity in the market as this is one such mobile development platform that considered as a matured. Initially, Apple was trying to ban third-party development tools, but long ago the company gave-up to its attempts.


Apple’s iOS 7 supports JavaScript as a mobile development language in Apple’s XCode tool chain. After some time, iOS is not the only dominant platform, so developers are looking forward to expanding their cross-platform options. After Android and iOS, HTML5 mobile came as a close third, and it is a growing segment.

When it comes to talk about the most popular option, PhoneGap is the right choice as it is an open source project that backed by Adobe. It continues to enhance its features, the hardware access from any standard APIs is more widely obtainable and performance to enhance.

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Google Chrome is constantly pushing the browser as a platform on mobile devices with amazing developer tools, features and incredible performance.

2. Android to overhaul iOS

Because of increased market share and decreased disintegration, Android is constantly rising as a mobile platform.

Last year, more than 81% of mobile devices shipped in Q3 that were Android and in 2013, the amount of mobile developers using Android has been increased to 71%. Apple’s iOS currently brings more developer’s revenue as partly due to huge market share and partly due to android phones are low-end.


It is constantly changing as Google is slowly winning the clashes to unite the split Android versions in two different ways. From Moto G to Google’s Nexus line, there are lots of stock android products at distinct price ranges.

Secondly, Google is also moving functionality out of the core OS and into Google Play services, so gradually, android overhauling iOS platform.

3. A lot of New OSes to Develop Apps For

As we all know that Apple’s iOS and Android still ruling the mobile operating system market while Windows mobile as well as BlackBerry are still sprawling behind. But it is expected that 2016 will be the year of new mobile OSes as lots of other mobile OSes are also there that will gain huge popularity in the market.

Mozilla’s mobile Firefox OS, a mobile Ubuntu OS, Tizen and Sailfish are some of the best OSes that will gain huge popularity in the market. In order to reach all economic levels, these OSes are mainly aimed at developing smart-phones inexpensive.

4. A JavaScript Application Framework Discuss Narrows

In the year 2012, JavaScript app framework was the backbone – the candidate vs. at least some upcoming frameworks. AngularJS overtook Backbone as highly accepted application framework in the year 2013 with the rest like Ember.js in spite of its very vocal community.


After that, most of the mobile app developers made their choice in 2014, and it expected that it will continue its charm in 2016 as well. Since 2012, there are lots of people, who have been using AngularJS, but in the year 2016, it takes a new turn.

5. Different Types of Connected Items

With the launch of smart appliance maker Nest and a smoke detector controlled by a smartphone application, Samsung has caught the attention of various people worldwide.

The company also came-up with a washing machine that controlled by Wi-Fi, smart TVs and video games. It is expected that 2016 will be a successful year for more such technological products like household appliances, wearable technologies and other products.

6. Decrease of Native Applications

In the upcoming year 2016, we can see an expected-result in the mobile platform scenery. Some of the new platform will gain huge popularity while other popular choices will decrease.

A chance in the mobile platform scenery, incorporated with the expanding capacities of the web will bring about a decrease in native mobile applications. Designers will considerably stay clear of the danger of native applications and will accept the adaptability of mobile web apps.

7. Meteor To Get Popularity in the Market

Now, Meteor is one such application framework that is getting huge popularity in the market as it is maturing very quickly. Top VC firm Andreessen Horowitz has invested $11M in this framework and a full-time development team.

We can say that it is the most popular and impressive projects that we ever seen. In the upcoming year 2016, the framework will get the attention of many more users because of its impressive features.

It offers real-time UI updates with no efforts and everybody find this framework incredibly productive and simple to work with so far.

8. Applications for Wearable Devices

The year 2016 will give us more and more wearable devices, so developers have to work hard to develop high-end applications for this excellent range of devices.

Applications for Wearable Devices

Currently in the market, we can find devices like Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch, Sony Smartwatch and Pebble, iWatch by Apple and Google Glass, so in the upcoming year, we can see many more wearable devices that will need a comprehensive range of applications.

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So, these are some of the upcoming trends of mobile app development industry that are expected to take place in 2016. You can also share your views on it by commenting below and let us know is there anything that we forget to include.

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