Have you read any boring About Us pages?

Yes!! We know there are lots of such type of pages. But, you don’t want to make your About Us like this, right?

So, check out 9 worthy tips of writing and displaying eCommerce About Us page for your online site and share your company’s information in the most excellent ways.


Among 10 eCommerce shoppers 9 are interested in products rather than its usefulness. We have seen such types of customers, who want to purchase products from companies that have compelling and meaningful story.

People eagerly want to know from whom they are purchasing products and providing financial account details.

For that purpose, they explore about us page to know even minor information of eCommerce merchants.

At the time of writing ‘About us’, you have to ensure to deliver the honest story of your company. You should highlight various elements of your company story for various purposes.

People also want to know who helps them to reach their product at promised time.

If you are finding difficulty in optimizing and creating ‘about us’ page of your eCommerce site to enhance sales then below given are 9 remarkable tips for you.

Share Your True Story

When writing about us page, ensure to write a story like any other great stories. You have to write stuff of past, present and future.

Firstly, keep in mind that many people love to read about your starting story. How you have started your business, number of people and so on.

Visitors want to hear what founders did before starting the company and what ways led them to where they are right now.

After that, they want to know what presently happening with your company. You have to share them about the products you are selling through your website and how visitors responding it.

Lastly, you have to share some hints regarding where the company is headed.

Adding a simple line, lets them know that you are continuously working with your team to make product more reliable and useful.

Make a “call for action”!

About Us page can be used by people to encourage visitors to follow on social networking sites.
You can also redirect them to your social networking accounts like Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter by encouraging them to become your brand.

Those eCommerce merchants, who are publishing newsletter regularly, can have the best place for adding a subscription box.

Importantly, don’t forget to redirect them to your catalogue.

Avoid Grammar or Other Related Mistakes

As ‘About Us’ page is one of the important pages of your websites, it is advisable to avoid grammatical or related mistakes.

When writing a page, you have to ensure to space out your text and time enough times to write it properly. Before posting to your website, it will be good to read it by your friends and get their feedback.

It is advisable to update your page once in a while so it doesn’t remain static. This will be good for your store as it helps to improve your site optimization.

You have to use a friendly tone for creating a feeling of immediacy with your customers.

Show Your People’s Identity

Many customers want to know the faces of employees from whom they purchase products. They have many questions in their minds like:

  • Who are in the team?
  • What do they do?
  • What are their educational qualifications and backgrounds?
  • Do they go to professional organizations?
  • Do they have specific product-related certifications?

Answering such things help consumers to trust your eCommerce website. You can also give some offbeat details to keep bios quite interesting for potential purchasers.

For example: You can checkout striking photos of the company’s leadership with their bios that are featured in Spyder’s About Us page.

Spyders About Us

Your Fans Saying

We all know that customer’s testimonial plays an important role to create rapport with potential clients through About Us page in the B2B world.

It is sensible to make separate page, which is dedicated to the customers’ video testimonial and other good words that your customers have to say about your company.

But, it is a good idea to see the positive view about B2B e-commerce for your potential customers when they are reading your story.

Videos, Illustrations, Photos

Having only text makes reader quite bored. Thus, it is advisable to add videos, illustrations, and photos about your products or your people to make your page more attractive.

You can also add a video of your infrastructure or customer testimonials. Even, adding pictures also work.

Moreover, you can also pull out quote from your customers.

It is advisable to add mindfully, don’t just add for the sake of filling space.

For Example, Fastenal, one of the leading B2B Company, offering safety and construction supplies has added a video on its About Us page.

Contact Information

Adding contact information in two or three different ways is one of the effective ways to make connection with your visitors.

It is compulsory to add email addresses, office and mobile phone numbers, department information and so on.

For Example: A slew of information, including a link to contact information, on its About Us page is added in Williams-Sonoma.

Williams Sonoma About us

Avoid Hiding About Us Page:

Ensure to display your About Us on the top so people can easily find it. Keep in mind, people don’t have enough time to explore your whole eCommerce website, just to find single page.

It is a fact that you have to keep the balance of making sales with your company’s information. Thus, you have to design your website in such a way that it features your promotions & links of your products/service on the top along with About Us page.

The best place to display About Us page is on right or left, in a left-hand navigation column or at the bottom of the home page.

Perception system shows its About Us page at the top under ‘Company’ option.

Perception System About US

Your Story is Different from Others

You cannot find one template or sample similar as there are no two companies look alike. So, it is advisable to avoid copying other’s page from the search engines.

Remember, two eCommerce companies having the same page make things boring for visitors.

Ensure to create About Us page that reflect your company’s personality.

For example: Check out Nixon Inc.’s About Us page to know its personality.


These are some remarkable tips for optimizing eCommerce ‘About Us’ page. If you want to create such type of page for your eCommerce website, then contact Perception System, a leading eCommerce development and designing service providers.