Do you have any idea about Volume Purchase Program for Business?

Do you know how it helps in customizing B2B iOS apps?

Read this post and gathered detailed information about how custom B2B iOS apps developed with Volume Purchase Program helps to expand Business.


Most of the businesses are looking forwards to expand the potentiality of iOS devices. There is good news for those businesses as they can now easily meet with their unique needs with custom B2B apps through the VPP (Volume Purchase Program for Business). A world of opportunities is presented by custom B2B apps that help to monetize development efforts. Businesses are free to decide their prices or offer application for free.

One can easily customize application in various ways they want to. It builds solutions according to customer’s unique requirements. Custom B2B iOS application comes with tailored look with unique company’s logo and branding, specific functionality, security features, special configuration for IT environments, and custom features for partners, dealers, or franchises.

One can also distribute custom B2B apps in the securest ways. Businesses who are developing custom app can only sold application privately to authorize purchasers recognized through iTunes Connect. Users can target their application for release on particular dates when they are submitting it or adjusting release date after approval. Once it is approved, customers can Login and purchase application through the Volume Purchase Program website.

How Custom B2B iOS apps does Work?
It is very simple for iOS developers to offer custom B2B apps and customers to get it through the Volume Purchase Program. Now let’s see how to this app actually works:

First of all, you have to develop a custom B2B app as per customer’s needs. Before moving further, ensure to review or look at given best practices for in-app authentication, encryption, and more

In next step, you have to update your iTunes Connect account by agreeing to the latest iOS Program License Agreement and attaching Schedules. Add your tax and banking information to set up in iTunes Connect.

Now, you have to select price for custom apps or you can also sold it for free. After that, you have to identify the customers and release date as well, once you have recognized your customers.

Lastly, it’s time to submit your application in review. For that, you have to choose the custom B2B distribution option available in iTunes Connect. Users have to provide sample data and authentication to the review team, if application has sensitive data.

What your business customers Have to Do?
Your customers can only purchase your application, if they have volume purchasing account with Apple. Your customers will find Custom B2B apps in your customer’s Volume Purchase Program account only. So for purchasing, they have to choose the app and enter the quantity of app to buy from the Volume Purchase Program website.

The best thing is the third-party Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions can be used by your business customers that help them to handle and distribute apps. In addition, a redemption codes can be provided by users through mail ID or an internal website.