commas-leftAndroid platform is a leading one and highly rewarding if you think of having an app. Hiring Android app development company is greatly beneficial in 2018 for your business or profession. The current post is giving some insights to reap the benefits of Android applications.commas-right

We are living in the mobile era. Yes, it is true because, in 2014, mobile devices crossed the desktop usage and now share more than 60% market with the advent of mobiles and related technologies. Mobile devices offer two ways for the marketers to reach the users, via mobile browsers (Mobile-friendly websites) and mobile apps.

Therefore, it is imperative to know that mobile users’ preference in the selection of the browser or the apps.

Mobile App Usage

In 2015, Yahoo’s Flurry ran analytics based on the gathered data from the real market devices. It has concluded that 90% of time mobile users are spending on the apps, not in browsing the web.

Recently, Statista has forecasted $189 billion in revenues from the app stores, as well as in-app advertising. It also has revealed that social media apps are leading mobile apps that capture the app users’ attention the most. Therefore, WhatsApp has 1.2 billion monthly active users reported in 2017.

Mobile OS Usage

Now, mobile users have multiple options to select the mobile OS platforms and supporting devices. Out of all, iOS by Apple and Android by Google & alliance are leading competitors holding the major share of the mobile OS market. Let’s see mobile OS market share over a period.

Reason 1 – The Share of Android OS Usage in Mobile OS Market

Based on the graph depicted-above, we can conclude that the share of Android OS, hence Android users, in other words, are increasing at a steady rate and captured more than 2/3 of the mobile audience.

Moreover, according to App Annie survey, iOS app download figure is 25+ billion in 2016 while Android has 90 billion, nearly double!

Now, tell me which platform has a vast audience? Obviously, it is Android. Of course, iOS has unique audience scattered chiefly in the USA, Canada, Australia, and European nations. If your target audience is restricted up to those nations, you should think of iOS app development only.

Otherwise, Android has a global presence, giving it as a first preference to cover the global presence can prove a wise decision for obtaining the best ROI. If your budget permits to have apps on both platforms, develop first on Android and port it to iOS or do vice verso, but never miss Android audience at all.

Reason 2 – The Freelance Android App Developers vs. Android App Development Company

Up the point, you may have decided to go for Android app development on a priority basis. Now, you may wonder about Android app development project and in the selection dilemma that which option is the best one, hire freelancers or a company with dedicated developers?

It is an age-old debate and depends on several aspects such as

  • Requirements for the Project:

If you need small, specific, and budgeted Android app with a timeframe, consider hiring freelance Android app developer as the best and cost-effective option if you know someone reliable in-person or on freelancer provider platforms.

If you have the medium to large size project, dedicated developers from an established company is an excellent choice. The more reasons for the selection of a company are:

  • The pool of Expertise:

An agency can gather talented Android developers and train them as per the prevailing development trends of technologies and tools. It is tough to gather such pool from the freelancer sites and even become tougher who have a little knowledge of technologies and technical project management.

Working with the talented team means creative and quality outputs.

Freelancers always keep running more than one project to keep income stream intact, and relationships with multiple clients. For a company, it is not the case of the agency. The company can allocate a developer or a team of designers cum developers for the specific project/s. It is possible because the company is paying salaries on payroll and developers need not think as the freelancers do.

Full attention means fast work with desired quality.

  • Seamless Communication:

Freelancers can hardly provide you seamless communication and respond you at any time. For an Android Application Development Company, a dedicated team is available to attend the queries and technicality round-the-clock. A company can use the latest communication channels safely and securely to provide multiple ways to access the support, and those channels may be email, instant messengers, VOIP, or live chats/Chatbot.

Agencies always use the latest PMS (Project Management System) and include the clients as an active member of the development team. Thus, they provide clients the direct access developers and room to provide feedback as well as regular updates on the project process.

Seamless communication improves the relationships and establishes
the trust between clients and the developers.


  • High-end Infrastructure:

Android app development needs IDE, designing software, animation software like Unity for games like apps, and several devices to test the applications to beat the fragmentation issues. Thus, for a freelancer, spending on such special and common needs is the nightmare while for the agency it is easy and within budget.

Reason 3 – Low-Cost Android App Development

Android developers can install the development tools and software on any desktop operating system like Windows, Mac, and Linux OS. Android Studio and other tools are open sources and almost free.

Android devices are comparatively cheaper, and compatibility of Android OS with previous versions is not an issue. Google Play Store charges an only one-time fee of $25. These all are advantages against proprietary platform iOS that costly for long-term usages.

Reason 4 – Quick & Easy Android App Deployment

Apple has released iOS app design, development, and approval guidelines. It is highly strict to obey all, and tough to get approvals for App Store publication. Moreover, the manual approval process is time-consuming, and app rejection rate is high.

In the case of Google Play Store, everything is quite easy and developer-friendly when developers are honest and hardworking. Therefore, the overall time and efforts for Android app publication are shorter and easier.

Reason 5 – Easy Android App Development Technologies

Android app development technology is Java programming language, and now Kotlin. Both are open source and easy to learn and implement. Java is one of the most popular object-oriented programming languages.

Most of the Android libraries are based on the latest libraries of Java. Therefore, it is easy to develop Android application compared to struggling with classic Objective-C and new Swift iOS programming languages. Similarly, learning Android Studio and other tools for Android app programming is comparatively easy against X-code and Cocoa-Touch frameworks for iOS development.

Easy to learn and code programming technologies means fast development and easy availability of developers at comparatively cheaper rates. These all make Android development fast and cost-effective that every client loves.


We have seen that Mobile App Usage is increasing thanks to the elegant native mobile experiences steadily. Mobile OS platforms are varying and differ in nature. However, iOS and Android are the leading mobile OS platforms. If we look at the statistic of the Mobile OS Usage, we find Android at the top position with the highest popularity.

Therefore, we would like to prefer Android app development against iOS and other mobile OS platforms for following reasons:

  • The Share of Android OS Usage in Mobile OS Market
  • The Freelance Android App Developers vs. Android App Development Company

    – Requirements for the Project:
    – The pool of Expertise:
    – Dedicated Developers:
    – Seamless Communication:
    – High-end Infrastructure:

  • Low-Cost Android App Development
  • Quick & Easy Android App Deployment
  • Easy Android App Development Technologies

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It is true that without the help of seasoned Android app developers and an established Android app development team, achieving high quality with fast project turnaround is tough.