commas-leftDo you have an idea what mistakes android developers made when building app? No. Don’t worry. We have listed 9 android development mistakes that willingly or unwillingly made by developers.commas-right

Nowadays, there are many brilliant minds in the market that makes android app development task easy.

We have seen a large number of applications developed on daily basis that provides us feedback regarding common mistakes developers usually done when developing application.

This post listed some researched on android app development mistakes that should be avoided when developing app. Check out below points.

Not Following Android Guidelines

A lot of work is done by Google to reach at the maturity level for Android operating system.

Developers can find various guidelines on Android developer site that covers design, development, distribution and also marketing.

Those developers, who are not following such guidelines, are making big mistake as it simply means that your developed application won’t fully integrated in the OS.

Moreover, it also effects to the ranking in the Google Play Store

It will be also bad for your ranking in the Google Play Store and so it will affect your downloads and your possible revenues.

Not Setting the minSdkVersion to 14

It is advisable to avoid practice of making android app supportable to older device. This thing makes application more difficult to maintain code and also make limitation in development process.

Not Supporting Multiple Device Resolutions

One of the largest mobile operating systems, Android is used in many devices by different manufacturers and thus, it has lots of differences.

Developers have work intelligently to support maximum of such devices. In order to get that, there are many tools placed by Android SDK to use. Instead of pixels (px), it is best to use density-independent pixels (dp). Moreover, you can also use resources qualifiers and 9-patch drawables.

Furthermore, develop layouts that are independent of screen resolutions. Moreover, you can also get advantage of Android Emulator to try different configurations for your application. Using Genymotion to speed up your Android emulations is also a better idea.

Using Deep View Hierarchy

Avoid using deep view hierarchy when creating layouts in XML. An application contains Inflate deep view hierarchy is an expensive operation.

Thus, it is must to optimize your layout and build to avoid deep view hierarchy when you are able to.

Not Understanding Bitmaps

Image has to be loaded into the memory before it displayed on an Android screen. The memories of embedded devices are controllable.

In case, you try to show very large bitmaps, then you may experience bad with an OutOfMemoryError that kills an application. So, consider this when you are manipulating images.

Blocking Main Thread

The main thread is to make the user interface responsive. If you are giving delay feedback to user’s means that simply means your application is not responding properly and such thing makes frustration that results into negative feedback.

Not Considering Intents

Intents is one of the Android’s key components that helps data to pass between the system’s different apps and app’s different parts.

Intents help to save time and can be related to everything on the system with ease.

Not using Fragments

Fragments enable to optimize different screens and can easily manage by the parent activity with ease. Fragments can also be combined, positioned and reused, if needed.

Developing for iOS

Most of the developers avoid designing application as per android standards, rather than they are choosing iOS design standards.

It is advisable to give respect Android platform by designing application accordingly.

These are nine mistakes that should be avoided for better application development.

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