commas-leftAs we all know that Apple has released its iOS 7.1 update that comes with some wonderful features to make your device more powerful. Users can enjoy a range of features that make iOS better than before.commas-right

Finally, it is here ‘iOS 7.1’ that surely make people feel wow with its stupendous features. There are lots of new features that are updated like CarPlay, enhancements in Siri Control, HDR for the iPhone 5s and many more.

However, there are some excellent bug fixes in iOS 7.1, including an end to the rempant Springboard crashes, the performance on the iPhone 4 and some other. So, what more you are expecting from iOS 7.1 update? Let’s have a detail discussion about the features of iOS 7.1 that make the OS better than before:

Welcome CarPlay – Better way to use iPhone while driving
Apple’s all new CarPlay that comes with iOS 7.1 update is obtainable on selected new cars of 2014. This feature takes the things you want to do with your iPhone while you are driving and puts them on your car’s built-in display. Isn’t it completely best?

Welcome CarPlay

Well for me, it is something that I never expected. Now, users can enjoy smartest and safer way of making calls, play music and get directions from their iPhone while driving in the car. Users, just need to plug-in their phone and go!!

Compatibility & Updating:
When it comes to compatibility and updating of iOS 7.1, it is a free update for all the people, who are using an iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad mini, Retina iPad mini, iPad Air, and iPod touch 5.

Compatibility Updating

With the help of iTunes or Mac or Windows, users of these devices can update over-the-air on on-device. Moreover, the OTA updates-in-place are extremely fastest as setting up as a new device is one of the excellent ways to get the best performance.

Control Center:
Now, the Control Center has very strict bounce animation, and the volume as well as brightness sliders have added bounce animations to their own. Now, it allows users to feel better and more delightful than before. Whenever any user swipe the slider, the volume or brightness will continue to keep sliding as it depend how fast you move your finger on screen.

Say Good-Bye to Parallax:
Finally, it’s time to say good bye to parallax wallpaper effect without eliminating the wonderful zoom transition animations while opening and closing applications. If you are looking forward to do this, you need to make sure that “Reduce Motion” is toggled off in Settings>General>Accessibility.

Then, one needs to go to Settings> Wallpapers & Brightness and tap down his lock screen wallpaper. Clasp “perspective Zoom” to off and tap set as one needs to do the same thing with their home screen wallpaper.

Allow HDR Auto:
We all know that iOS 7 had completely ridiculous bug that constantly disable HDR every time the camera app was close. Finally, iOS 7.1 comes with this bug fixe as the company repented for its irritating mistake by introducing a new HDR Auto setting on all the iPhone 5s devices that allows users to monitor the surrounding lights conditions. Moreover, the users can also enable or disable HDR automatically.

HDR Auto

Enhanced Touch ID fingerprint Recognition:
There are lots of users of the iPhone 5s, who experience better performance of Touch ID fingerprint scanner after upgrading their device to iOS 7.1. As there were lots of users, who tool to Apple’s support forum in order to report that the iPhone 5s units running the updated firmware had encountered various issues while using biometric scanner.
But the company has finally fixe this bug by improving its Touch ID fingerprint recognition. What’s more you want as the company fixes it’s all bugs and brings mane new features.

Siri Knows where and when to stop listening:
Apple’s iOS 7.1 update brings control when Siri listens by holding down the home button as when you speak and releasing it when you are done.

So, these are the updated features of iOS 7.1 that allow make iOS the better and more useful OS than earlier. All the users can enjoy a complete list of features that are listed above, so what are you waiting for? Just update your iPhone and start using new features.