We all know about BlackBerry Unite that we are hoping to come back as a Multi-Platform Management Tool.

In this blog, you can find huge information on BlackBerry Unite and which features company should add.


Years back, BlackBerry had started one secret project in order to bring BES. It was one such time, when the iPhone didn’t even offered copy and paste feature. At that time, BlackBerry was the king of the smart-phone industry, so the decision of introducing cross-platform was not awfully important yet.

When it comes to BlackBerry Unite, it offered families the best way to install software on a PC and take advantage of it from a shared contact list, photo, and calendar, file sharing and user management. At that time, parents can also act as system administrators.

And today, we are in 2014. Apple’s iOS and Android are hugely most popular OS in the market, and BlackBerry has a very least market share. For devices that are running both leading operating systems in addition to BlackBerry 7 and BB10, the company is trying extremely hard into mobile device management.

Recently, I checked-out one post on and there I read one article on “should BlackBerry bring back Unite as a multi-platform management tool?” I also think that BlackBerry should bring back unit concept, but the company needs to make sure that it must be cross-platform compatible and completely cloud-based.

Today, you would maximum number of families, where Windows PCs, iPads, iPhones, BlackBerry and Android are getting popular day-by-day especially Windows Phone.

So, are you guys also wanted one such solution that provides you an access to all the major mobile devices on your home? I think BlackBerry should develop cloud-site software and applications for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Below, you can find important things that should be included in the expected platform as per the post.

  • It must repeatedly back up all the pictures to a shared family reservoir based upon permission decided by the photographer.
  • It must also share contacts as well as Calendar
  • For parents, it must offer administration abilities.
  • In the family network, automatically, develops a BBM channel for all devices.
  • Supports for Wi-Fi devices and cellular devices
  • Shared Task Lists & Appointment Schedules.

So, these are some of the important things that should be included in the hoping platform. Keep visiting this blog for latest and updated information on BlackBerry and its related solutions. You can also get instant solution for any BlackBerry development query.