8 Effective Ways to Promote Your Mobile App

A farmer is glad and excited at the sighting of the sprouting seed but he recognized that this is just a beginning and the harvest season is far-far away. In the same way business houses felt thrilled when their dream App is developed and uploaded to the store for download but the competition is so cut-throat that in order to succeed, one have to aggressively promote the app to propel floods of...

8 Top JavaScript Frameworks For Mobile App Development in 2017

The sales explosion of smartphones in the recent years has made them cheap and affordable. The number of persons using the Internet has been increasing exponentially. This increase in volume has given a boost to the mobile application development industry.

Top Mobile Commerce Trends of 2017 – Infographic

Today mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and phablets are highly used computing devices against previous laptops and desktops like big versions. Due to mobility benefits, mobile devices and relevant technologies are gaining ground further in 2017 and beyond. This infographic depicts how mobile commerce trends would be in the year 2017 and ahead in a […]

Mobile Commerce Trends 2017: Opportunities and Challenges With Statistics

According to Forrester research, by end of 2017 U.S mobile users will spend $90 billion via mobile payments. That is a 48% increase over the $12.8 billion spent in 2012.

9 Mobile App Development Mistakes Startups Should Avoid In 2017

Adoption of new technologies and business evolution are necessary for any business to successes. Businesses must keep themselves update their business with growing trends.

The Mobile POS – Using iPad getting It Right

If you want to overcome mobile POS drawbacks, iPad is an excellent choice with advanced features and capabilities. It can solve your purpose of excellent user experiences with benefits in bonus beautifully, even without much investment on POS development.

How to Develop Successful iPhone App for Your Dream Business

Developing successful iPhone application involves familiarity with iPhone technologies, terminologies, and skills so you can hire right team of iPhone developers and assure the best user experiences, usability, and performance of your app in the hands of your end-users with affordability.

Why Restaurant / Hospitality Industry Must Develop Mobile App?

Restaurants mobile apps help your hospitality business grow further. Custom mobile app for your restaurant gives additional weight to your marketing and user experiences campaign to secure the best ROI at the end.

2016 Trends in Acquiring Customers for Spa & Salon Using Mobile Apps

Spa & Salons are no more inferior businesses that we can ignore in the list of growing industries. They have full potentials to acquire more visitors using various channels offline and online. Mobile apps are highly beneficial in this regard.

Infographic – 15 Best Cross Platform Development Tools

At present, mobile apps are tremendous ornament for people therefore small, medium and large companies are focusing on creating their mobile app whether it be an online store or enterprise app. Startups usually with unique wants to gain large users are targetting iOS and Android development platforms and enterprises are who wants to extend their […]