As per the latest, China Mobile is going to start taking pre-orders for the Apple iPhone 5s from this Thursday.

Approximately 700M customers of China Mobile can pre-order iPhone from this Thursday.

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A years-long courtship of Apple with one of the world’s biggest carrier is come to an end. China Mobile is planning to take preorders for the iPhone 5S from this Thursday as per an ad on its website. China Mobile has approximately 700 million subscribers worldwide and is seven times bigger than Verizon. We can say that it is sudden news, which is considering that the two companies were discussing as recently as four days ago.

Saying that it is one of the biggest deals for both Apple as well as China is an underestimation. However, Apple Company has not much luck with attainment a deal regardless the company is chasing China Mobile and its subscriber base from past several years. China Mobile also suffered a lot without the iPhone as its most precious customers fled to its competitors, who have iPhone.

According to customer service operator, “Customers can begin to preorder for our new 4G services from Dec. 12 through the company’s website and some dedicated branches in Shanghai. But we will only start providing commercial 4G services after Dec. 18”.

Then the deal is win-win for both the companies as China Mobile uses iPhone to introduce its new LTE services while Apple gets access to all those subscribers that gives its international sales a big boost. News are also coming that the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook traveled to China to meet with China Mobile Chairman Xi Guohua back in July where the two made headway on a potential deal.

Apple’s iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c were the first iPhones that will support China Mobile’s TD-LTE standard. However, the Apple Company also received its final license that it required to operate on China Mobile’s wireless standard back in September.