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Convert Old-looking website into New One With WordPress CMS


Are you looking forward to revamping your website? It is a good decision that you have made as revamping a website can benefit your business and take your business to the next level.

Usually, there are various ways to develop a website, and if you go down to the common denominator of a website, you will get to see the main three primary parts:

  • Cascading style sheets (CSS)
  • HTML Coding
  • Programming Scripts

The difference lies with the content management systems that have developed over the past 10 years. These days, website built in a CMS controls the market because they are:

  • Affordable as most of the CMS are open source programming.
  • A lot simple to manage for someone, who does not have programming skills
  • Quicker because it takes a very least amount of time to assemble the website compared to coding from the ground-up.

Proprietary CMS & Open Source CMS

You can begin comprising proprietary systems from companies like Square Space,, Wix and many more. When it comes to talking about these proprietary systems, they are locked into their system, and you’re not likely to be able to move your website anywhere else easily.

Moreover, open-source CMS is a great solution due to its huge flexibility, and it gives you the capability to move to different resources as you wish.

Open source CMS options

A lot of CMS are there, but there are mainly three primary options, including WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. These three platforms enable you to develop a website without any hassle and much information about the technology.

In the past 10 years, WordPress has overtaken Joomla and Drupal by a large margin comprising a lot of others on the market. Presently, WordPress is reported by to be used in approximately 48% of all websites. The balance of the CMS market is broken up into smaller slivers.

Today, CMS like Drupal have approximately 14% of the market, and the second most popular CMS has other problems. As like Magento, Express Engine and others numbers are debilitated as a business, you have to question how easily you can find support if your current developer looks.

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You can also find a lot of technology-savvy developers, who want to develop in these systems such as Drupal. In most of the cases, clients have mentioned that they make a mistake as it was difficult for them to continue managing their website.

Major Reasons For WordPress in 2015

To make a right decision if there is any good marketing reason, it must be the priority over any technical decision. Marketing will help people to generate revenue and expand the company.

The Maintenance of the Core WordPress Platform is free of Cost

As an organization for the management of open-source programming of WordPress, checks the core infrastructure of the CMS, that is it up-to-date and current with technology. In most of the case, all you need to do is click a button to update WordPress.

Simplicity of Publishing Your Website

No matter whether you are publishing a blog or a web page, once you press to publish, the page or post is live. For instance – in any case of Joomla, if you have to develop the article, you can add it to a template and then ensure it is part of your menu. In reality, it is in three different places within Joomla.

The Marketing Communication Case For WordPress

Initially, WordPress was designed as a blogging platform, and it was primarily designed to communicate with rest of the world. Mostly, made to be customizable and open for other systems to connect and communicate. Two major key features to make this happen are the RSS and the XML-RPC protocols, enabling WordPress to communicate.

Managing & Maintaining Your Website

You will need a technical person to be available when required to manage the more difficult elements of your website. It may comprise your integration with your CRM, database, eCommerce components and more.

WordPress is a great option when it comes to adding a web page, blog post, updating an existing page with text copy, videos, pictures and more.

Things That You Should Know for website development in 2015

Let’s cover three main technologies and considerations that businesses need to be aware of for their website in 2015:

As we all know that Internet industry, mobile technologies and digital are moving ahead, it is common and not a surprise to anyone. The main thing is to know what are these new directions:

Mobile Technology

You should consider this important change if your website is not making use of responsive design to be mobile friendly and effective for mobile visitors.

To find-out how many visitors are using mobile devices; you can review your website’s Google Analytics if you are looking forward to validating the need for this change.

Moreover, Parallax Scrolling is a new and advanced technology, making the whole process of navigating a website simpler for mobile visitors. One should incorporate this technology into a website development project.

Website Security

In August 2014, Google declared that they would start considering whether a website is secure to determine or the website shows in the search results.

Mainly, the security is based on the web server and the website’s SSL certificate and having the website operating fully on HTTPS. On Google’s Blog, this announcement did not point, when the algorithm would be put into effect; however, there is understanding this will not enhance ranking.

Search Engine Communications

These days, structured data becomes essential with Google and it is reported in your Google Webmaster Tools account. It will also help search engines to comprehend the content in the website that can be utilized to show rich snippets in search results enhancing the performance and appearance of a website in the search results enhancing the performance and quality of a website in the search results.

Google, Microsoft and Yahoo have developed structured data through an organization called Information about structured data can be found easily on Google’s Introduction on this topic.

XML Sitemap is needed by the search engines, and it helps search engines to comprehend the organization, content and pages within a website. It is something that will be needed in any new website development.

Have you made your website ready for 2015?

Mainly, the decision of your CMS is based on a lot of different factors. The main function is to manage content, and it is extremely easy.

Drupal as well as Joomla is performing as a CMS. WordPress does also perform as a CMS, but when it comes to considering the market share of the CMS world, WordPress do everything in a much better way than the others.

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However, the technical factor should be considered to be based on the use of the website.

Stay connected with us to get more information on WordPress and its solutions as here we share latest WordPress information. Moreover, you can also get support from WordPress professionals to discuss your requirements.

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