Titanium has released Titanium SDK 3.4.0 beta for iOS 8 that is now obtainable foe update.

In this blog, I have shared information on Titanium SDK 3.4.0 beta and how to update it, so continue reading this blog and get more information.


The core team of Appcelerator Titanium has declared a beta version of Titanium SDK and Studio version 3.4.0, which provides compatibility with iOS 8. However, users can find very less number of visual changes between 7 and 8 unlike the transition from iOS 6 to 7.

Apple has indistinct the tool-chain considerably, so developers have to use Xcode 6 on OS X mavericks or Yosemite in order to build for iOS 8. Using this new Beta 3.4.0, users can easily make the necessary changes instantly and while using the same cross-platform JavaScript APIs which you are already familiar with.

However, the company also thanked its large and active community of developers, who help company to release these high-quality versions so quickly. Without their support, it was not possible for company to launch it, so company is appreciating all the feedback; therefore keeps it coming.

So, if you have decided to update the new version, you can go through this below guide:

IMP Note – It is must for you to update Studio, SDK and CLI as you cannot just install the SDK because iOS needs tooling changes also.

Below, you can find links that are continuous integration builds, so install them as you just need to choose “Help Menu>Install Specific Titanium SDK” from inside Titanium Studio.

  • OSX
  • Linux
  • Windows

You can visit to update studio and just follow the instructions to update to the RC stream or you can download a new install.

NPM Packages:

Before these terminal commands on OSX and Linux, you may have to make use of “sudo”.

  1. npm install -g [email protected]
  2. npm install -g [email protected]

In order to revert back to stable versions:

  1. npm remove -g alloy
  2. npm remove -g titanium
  3. npm install -g alloy
  4. npm install -g titanium

Updates in Titanium 3.4.0

You can click here to find a complete list of 3.4.0 tickets as here you can find more information and discussion of the release.

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