Are you looking to develop cross-platform applications for your customers?

If yes, you can go with HTML5 technology, which is one of the most popular markup languages that can be used to develop robust and creative quality cross-platform apps


Since Apple and Android came in the market, the rate of mobile application development has grown exceptionally as every new and then person is looking to get application for their mobile phones no matter whether it is iOS or Android. With two most popular OS like iOS and Android, mobile application developers are in a dilemma as they are confused to choose one platform to develop application.

However, there are lots of companies and organizations that are opting for mobile applications to provide their customers a better service, but now these companies should opt for iPhone apps or Android apps? With constant increasing confusing, cross-platform application development is a great solution that allows developers to develop an application that runs on multiple mobile platforms.

Today, HTML5 is one of the most widely used markup languages that can be used for structuring as well as presenting Web 2.0 type content on the web. Being one of the most popular markup languages, it comes with lots of advance features such as video, visuals, interactivity, high-flexibility and many more.

This markup language is not only offer support for advanced multimedia features, but it also offers a platform that known as canvas by which mobile apps developers can generate interactive applications for browser users. The excellent thing about this technology is that it provides some wonderful things when it is combined with JavaScript and CSS3.

Today, there are many mobile platforms like iOS, Android, BlackBerry and more that have internet browsers to compliant with HTML5. All those developers, who are developing HTML5 web applications for desktops can make use of the exact same code for expanding tablet applications. Now, developers do not have to develop a single application for multiple platforms as they can use cross-platform development tools that allow them to generate apps for different mobile platforms.

Find some great tools that specially incorporate HTML5 and JavaScript:

  • PhoneGap
  • Rhodes
  • Appcelerator Titanium
  • Unify Project

Mobile Applications That Based on HTML5:

Along with these tools, mobile developers can use HTML5 for the development of mobile web apps. Using this modern technology, developers can easily expand cross-platform apps that are rich in features and functionalities. HTML5 is the more powerful and flexible when it compares to other development platforms like Flash and more.

Using HTML5 for applications, it can result in more wonderful performance and seamless functionality. So, cross-platform apps developers develop applications using HTML5 and get lots of benefits. To get more information on HTML5 cross-platform application development, you can click here.