Android device user can download some best android applications of 2016.

Find 2016’s worth download android apps that you should check-out and experience in your device.


Who don’t have an android smart-phone in this today’s highly technological world? I think almost people love to have android device because of its flexibility, open source nature and other implausible functionalities. You know from past 6 years I am using an android device, and believe me I never look back because the way my phone performs my tasks. Every month thousands of new android applications are launched in the market so that android users should not look behind.

But yes, when it comes to worth downloading android applications of 2016, you need to be little careful so that you download only best apps for your android device. Now, you will surely think how it is possible to get best android applications before experiencing them, well not to worry as here I have listed 2016’s worth download android apps in your device without having a second thought in your mind:

Pocket Stables:
Download from Google PlayPocket Stables is a great android game in which you can manage your very own farm while training your racehorses to win big in exciting races. You can also develop training facilities such as dirt courses and pools among exceptional natural surroundings. It is very interesting android gaming app that you can download.


Download from Google PlayIn Epoch, the unreal engine 3-powered cover shooter falls you in a post apocalyptic world and this game is surely to impress both you and your friends in your free time. Players of this game no need to get too bogged down with the storyline. You need to fight for your goal and piece together the fragments to reveal exactly what happened when the old world ended. So, download this excellent android game in your device.

Brian Blessed Alarm Clock:
Download from Google PlayNow, you can wake yourself up with Shakespearian speeches, silly songs, and motivational encouragement. This app has more than 30 alarms, so you can choose any tone as per your choice and start your day wonderfully. Users of this app will also get an optional brain on a rocket for when they need that some extra boosts to get out of their bed.

Smart Tools:
Download from Google PlaySmart Tools is a complete package of 5 app sets comprising 5 Pro sets for a total of 15 tools. This application is well-known for saving you from a trip to your local DIY store. It is like a smart-phone tool belt that comes with smart handy things such as smart ruler, smart measure and more. In short, it is all-in-one application that you can easily download.

Word Lens:
Download from Google PlayWord Lens is one of my favorite applications that instantly translate printed words with your phone’s camera. Currently, this application included one language pack with app purchase. Some additional languages are also obtainable. Obtainable language pairs include: English to Spanish, English to French, English to Italian, English to German and English to Portuguese.

Download from Google PlayCluster is best android app that allows you to generate photo albums, order your snaps and then shares them with your lovely friends, family members and dear ones. You can create one place to comment on, see and save other’s picture. It is the best application for android users to download.

All the above mentioned android applications are worth download in 2016, so android users don’t have to wait; they just have to download these apps to make their android device more powerful. The best thing for users is that they can get an application that has their desired features and functionalities, but they only need to hire android apps programmer, who has extensive knowledge about Android.