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eBay Confirms Magento Go is Shutting Down Soon


A senior Vice President of Product and Strategy department of eBay Enterprise “Mark Lavelle” announced that the company has decided to shut down Magento Go. He announced this news and said the closing of this platform will not impact the holiday shopping season as the company will close Magento Go by February 2015.

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Moreover, he also assures that Magento go will work normally in the shopping season till the last day. It also comes to know that the deal has been finalized between the eBay and Bigcommerce, an Australian eCommerce company, to acquire the customers of eBay-owned competitor Magento’s Go service.

In the last five years, thousands of merchants are using the Magento Go platform for their e-Commerce shopping portals, but the company has decided to give its attention on other resources like Magento Enterprise Edition and the Magento Community Edition that are extremely better in terms of functionalities and support.

Now, all the e-Commerce merchants, who are using Magento Go as their platform, need to plan something in order to manage the smooth transition to either Magento Community or Enterprise edition.

According to the company, these are such resources that will work excellently and support you to evolve in the e-Commerce scenery. Further, users of Magento Go can also get help in getting more traffic on their website and enhance the conversation rates.

The best thing for e-Commerce merchants is that they can take benefit of unlimited server storage and bandwidth capability that was limited previously to maximum 5 GB and 32 GB respectively. Furthermore, they can now upload a comprehensive range of products and can have numerous admin accounts.

They can also have multi-store and multi-language facilities for them. Magento Community edition also provides more than 5000 extensions; enormous themes and users can also get payment method. We all know that except for CSS, JS and admin XML, Magento Go did not proffer access to source code, but with Magento Community edition, users are allowed to access PHTML templates, CSS, JS and XML.

One other major issue Magento Go users are facing is that all the changes made to the e-Commerce web-store required to be implemented on the live store. Due to this, lots of merchants loss lots of traffic and as a result decrease in conversion rate.

But users will not get this problem with Magento Community and Enterprise edition as both these platforms develop the changes and updates, test them and finally deploy them to the live server.

Mark Lavelle also confirmed that “We chose Bigcommerce to help with the transition because of their shared commitment to client success and their proven track record of migrating large groups of merchants onto their platform.”

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