Are you finding problem in your Apple’s iOS 7 device?

Yes!! Solving your problem, we have listed some amazing solutions that help your device to run smooth.

So, Read this post for enjoying solutions of your problem that you are facing with your Apple iOS 7 devices.


iOS 7, the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system was released on September 18, 2013 and has gained a positive review. This operating system comes with a slate of new features and a more streamlined, flat, abstract look that won heart of its users. As nothing and nobody is perfect, iOS 7 also comes with some problems that can be easily solved by referring this post. So, let’s begin with problem and solution part.

1.) Problem 1: Control Panel and Notification Center are Invisible
Control Panel and Notification Center aren’t accessible by swiping up-down respectively as some reports of an issue in iOS 7.0.4 are founded. Many users also noted that it will work for stipulated time-frame and will stop.

Follow the step: Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> Assistive Touch to solve this problem. It is also noted that setting on and off provides a fix for the issue though it occasionally only a temporary one.

2.) Problem 2: Keyboard is not adjusted properly

Sometimes, users don’t get the correct orientation of their device as iOS 7 fails to recognize it. It is also noted that a keyboard is only to some extent on the screen, which is useless for any user. After using the camera from lock screen, it is a common happening.

To solve this problem, you have to slide across the screen and your device will properly familiarize itself to the screen. This problem is fixed in iOS 7.1 Beta.

3.) Problem 3: iTunes Store crashing frequently
Many users have found that iTunes Store app on their iPhone crashes as and when they are trying to open. There are two different ways to fix that:

First of all, open the tap Store and Music application available in the upper left corner. You will see your application now runs excellent however problem may come again.

Secondly, you can double tap the Home button for opening the multitasking menu and close your iTunes Store, if you find it listed. Now, follow this step,

Settings >> iTunes & App Store and click on your ‘Apple ID’ and select Sign Out option. After logging out, you should sign-in again and check your app store is working.

4.) Problem 4: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Are Not Working
After updating to iOS 7, many users have found that Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functions are not working properly. Such functions may appear missed from Settings or won’t toggle on or appear to toggle on.

If you want to remove this problem permanently then you have to reboot your iPhone and router. Some people have found that removing an apostrophe will sort this problem. If you want to change apostrophe then Go to Settings >> General >> About >> Name and change without apostrophe.

While there are some people has solved their problem by putting their device into Airplane mode and going to Settings >> General >> Reset >> Reset Network Settings. However, after sometimes, problem may return again.

Another tip is you can try Settings >> Control Center and disable Access on Lock Screen. After that, turn your iPhone off and on again. Ensure that you have updated router firmware.

One more thing you can do is back up your device and restore again. Click here to check how to reset an iPhone.
In case, no option is working for you, mail Apple or take your device into an Apple Store.

5.) Problem 5: Blank Boot Screen on Apple Logo
If you are not updating your phone properly, you will see the blank boot screen on Apple Logo and it won’t launch up. This problem also occurs when you are connecting to iTunes and seek DFU mode.

Firstly, hold the Sleep/Wake button in order to switch off your iPhone. Now, open iTunes on your computer and connect it with your iPhone. After that, you have to hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button together for about 10 seconds and release the Sleep/Wake button.

Users have to continue to hold down the Home button, until they find message, “iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. You must restore this iPhone before it can be used with iTunes.”Viewing a logo or message means you are not in DFU mode and your device’s screen should be blank.

In such case, you have to choose iPhone in the left hand column of iTunes and click on ‘Summary’ then Restore. You have to install the iOS 7 update again.

6.) Problem 6: Keyboard lag Issue
Keyboard lag Issue also occurs in iPhone 4. However, it is not limited to that model, users of iOS 7 also facing this problem and some serious delays when they are typing on the virtual keyboard.

Settings >> iCloud and turn Documents & Data off.

7.) Problem 7: Quick battery Lost
According to many users, iOS 7 is intake more battery than iOS 6. Here, we are going to provide you some tips that help you to save more batter. However, a couple of iPhone specific fixes is must for solving this problem permanently.

Follow the step Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> Reduce Motion and disable the parallax effect that provide 3D effect to your Home screen.

Now, turn off your background apps by following Settings >> General >> Background App Refresh.

Turn off AirDrop from the bottom of the iOS device’s screen and choose the toggle in the Control Center.
Lastly, go to Settings >> Notification Center and toggle off applications that you don’t want to add.

These are some problems faced by Apple’s iOS 7 users while they are accessing their device. There are many more on the way that might occur in your device. Continue reading our next part for more solutions.