Samsung has announced that its Samsung Galaxy Gear computerized watch is going to support with more smart-phones.

Shortly, the company will introduce the update that enables other smart-phones to interface with the Gear.

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Finally, Samsung has announced that its Samsung Galaxy Gear computerized watch will support with various older phones through its software update. From last several months, we were hearing the rumors about Google that the company is preparing its own new smart watch device, but Samsung finally improves its watch so that it supports with more devices.

Soon, a new software update will come-up that allows the Galaxy S4, Galaxy SIII and Galaxy NoteII smart-phones to interface with the gear. As per the coming news, the update will be soon rolling out to customers or in the coming weeks.

However, the perfect time of software update depends on individual mobile carriers that are slow in offering updates for customers. In the upcoming months, the Samsung Galaxy Gear computerized watch compatibility update coming to Galaxy S4 Mini and Galaxy Mega smart-phone.

As we all know that the Samsung Galaxy Gear was launched in the month of September at the IFA conference in Berlin. When it comes to talk about this watch, it has a 1.63-inch display, 4GB of storage and 512MB of RAM.

However, the device’s features were inadequate to phone calls, notification messages and memos in spite of watch’s wonderful hardware specs. Before, the device was also functioning with Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smart-phone, but the new software update will add supports for other devices as well.

Soon, more and more smart-phones will be upgraded to Android 4.3 and with some extra cool features like Samsung’s Easy Mode, Mulit Window support and new options for camera. However, news is also coming that the update will also make the smart-phones ready for KNOX and Samsung enterprise security software.