commas-leftWithout Any Internet & WiFi Connection, Chat with Friends & Dear Ones around You. Download FireChat App From Google Play Store to Start a Group Chat.commas-right

FireChat, a new and advanced mobile messaging application, is landed on the Android platform, allowing all the users to chat without Internet connection. This application is launched by San Francisco’s Open Garden Company, and the application is working on the Open Garden mesh networking technology that doesn’t need any connection.

Hence, the users of this application can chat with any person or have group chat with their friends, family members and near and dear ones. The best part of this application is that it doesn’t require any kind of mail login and password, so users can use this app without any hassle and chat as much as they want.

Last week, this application was launched for iPhone, and finally it also makes its way towards android platform. Since its release on the iPhone, the application has offered a flicker of hope to people for more effective and secure way of chatting.

It is only possible because the application is using a technology that known as wireless mesh networking that may allow lots of other devices to connect like links in a chain.

It is also hoping that someday this technique can tie together thousands of devices with built-in radios and make it easily possible to be online without Internet connection. Moreover, this application is likely to allow online communication in remote areas as well without cellular signals or Wi-Fi. Also, this application’s conversations cannot be hacked into by spies.

Micha Benoliel, a CEO of Open Garden and maker of FireChat application, said “We trying to create networks built by the people for the people.” When it comes to talk about the Open Garden company, it start-up with just 10 employees, and currently, it is taking another step towards its major aim by releasing FireChat app for Android.

Moreover, this application already has been installed on more than 1 million iOS devices, so if you are using an Android smart-phone, just download this application in your device as well.

As per the Google’s executive in charge of Android, Sundar Pichai, “This technology has been touted as a way to connect wearale computers like the company’s Glass eyewear. Furthermore, this technology also can be used to bring plenty of appliances online that help to build an Internet of different things rather than only websites. Within the range of 30 to 100 feet, the users of this application are allowed to send only text and pictures to other FireChat user.

The company also said that for now, android phones and iPhones with the FireChat application won’t be able to connect with off-the-grid conversation. The company believes that it will soon be able to make mesh networking work on other phones as well that are running on different OS.

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