An excellent Windows Phone concept Future Windows 9 Flexible smart-phone is completely best project that developed by Kent Dechjun.

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When it comes to talk about the most astonishing and beautiful Windows Phone concepts, Future Windows 9 flexible smart-phone is the best device that created by Kent Dechjun. This upcoming project is supposed to be running on Windows 9 even though it is clear that it is Windows 10 we are dealing with.

It is supposed that the device would be a flexible one or it may have curved screen. There’s something very HTC like about it. Users can also find a steampunk vibe that comes from the fact and you can see the innards of the smart-phone while screen is off.

It means when the screen of your phone is on, you can see all tiles and colors, but when it is off, you can see CPU, memory, RAM and other small chipsets. This all new and upcoming curved phone has a top as well as bottom frame; however, the screen bezel is about non-existing on the sides.

Moreover, Future Windows 9 Flexible smart-phone looks like a solid concept and it is one such device that is easy to grip that will give tough competition to a new Lumia.

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