A special version of the Lumia 930 has been launched by the company as the company has introduced 24k gold plated Lumia 930 smart-phone without any internals changes.

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For lots of people, a couple of golden-colored Lumias were not enough, so the Vietnamese luxury brand Karalux may have what you are looking for. As the company has launched 24k gold-plated limited edition Nokia Lumia 930 that been launched in the market. However, the company only developed 99 numbered units.

This new Windows Phone has been coated in 24k gold, giving a luxurious and advanced look for all those people, who enjoy showing off some wealth. Look quite similar to the gold-colored Lumia 930, the device’s metallic frame being of the real gold as the SIM card slot and buttons on the device are black for a wonderful contrast, but ultimately, it is giving a pretty decent look.

Moreover, there are only two messages on either side of the device, reading Limited Edition and 24K Gold Plated Nokia Lumia 930 as it make sure no one mistakes this for a mere gold coasting of paint.

Making this high-end smart-phone coating gold is not as easy as it sounds; it was tough job for the company. The company said that it was also difficult for engineers as well because they had to go through various stages to ensure that its perfect, but we can say that they have done a great job.

When it comes to talk about internals of the device, the company did not make any changes. It comes with all the features of a high-end device and it ships with Windows Phone 8.1 as its operating system.

Last, but not least point of this device is price, the all new 24k gold plated Lumia 930 costs 18,000,000 Vietnamese Dong which rounds up to almost $842, which is higher than the normal price of the handset. But the device is not as expensive as other gold-plated devices like Blackberry Passport, iPhone 6 and more.

So, if you love to show-off among your friends and in public, you can purchase this excellent device that can boost your status among them. For more information on such latest news on technologies and gadgets, you can click here.

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