Yes, you heard it right that Google has announced that in the coming weeks YouTube will be obtainable offline for android users.

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Last week, Google declared that YouTube will be obtainable offline in India in coming weeks. Now, android smart-phones and tablets users can store videos in the YouTube application when they are on WiFi and watch them later as per their convenience.

According to the Google’s spokesperson, “This will be a great benefit for times (when a user is on a slow connection) or (for) re-watching videos without using up the data plan.”

As we all know that it’s been too lengthy rumored that the company will introduce offline streaming for cellular units, allowing all the users to save lots of movies to their gadgets in order to watch them later and protect their valuable tiered knowledge. To get the function, India will be the primary country.

It is also true that the cellular data connections are extremely expensive in India, so it will be great news for all the Indians that they can offline watch YouTube and it will be helpful for millions of Android consumers in India.

Providing information on traffic statistic, more than 40% of traffic on YouTube comes from mobile phones and tablets in India, as per the Google. Previously, the company had declared its partnership with Docomo so that it can introduce YouTube recharge that enables all the Docomo subscribers to take YouTube-particular data plan at subsidized rates.

Still, it is not clear that what films will be obtainable offline and what will not for offline streaming, but it was clear that a lot of YouTube can be easily obtainable offline that will be great for all the Android users.

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