Apple and Google are giving strong competition to each other as both the companies have launched two most powerful devices.

Google’s nexus 5 and Apple’s iPhone 5s are best in terms of features, performance, design and results.

Find comparison in both the devices and make your decision about one.


As we all know that Apple is one of the leading companies that began selling its iPhone 5S in the month of October, 2013; however, Google also followed the following month to launch its much anticipated device Nexus 5 that manufactured by LG Electronics.

Both these devices are completely best as they come stuffed with numerous features to give you wow feeling. Being extremely popular, both the smart-phones will likely remain so for the rest of 2014. You would find lots of people, who have taken pride in their selected platform, firm believing that theirs is the better system.

As we all know that both Google as well as Apple are the biggest rival companies of each other, and the bloodthirsty nature is also surrounding these devices probable has numerous causes because of the fact the both Apple as well as Google grow a loyal fan base. Let’s have a comparison of the both newly launched products – Google’s Nexus 5 and Apple’s iPhone 5S:

An Introduction to Nexus 5 & iPhone 5S
According to the conventional understanding, iPhone has a clear, easy-to-use interface with more premium hardware than its compare to its competitors. While Android is little complex, but easily customizable platform. Apple allowing more protected user experience to its users while Google enables its users to change the entire way its OS works using different applications like Swype, without having to jailbreak the device.

Moreover, Google is also permitting its hardware manufactures to install their personal user experience or UX that can work in tandem with Android to make it on the top position. However, you would frequently find that Samsung’s android devices run TouchWiz, while HTC phones run Sense but Google is providing the Nexus program devices that has some wonderful features to showcase the abilities of a stock.

When it comes to Nexus 5 and iPhone 5S, each device’s software is directly updated by Google and Apple respectively. These companies are directly updating the software to control the consumer’s experience with as little outside power as possible.

Comparison Between Hardware
One of the first things that you can notice while comparing the devices is the size of both the smart-phones. We all know that android mobiles are always come in bigger size compare to iPhone from last year.

However, Nexus 5 is 11% longer, 17% wider and 13% thicker as compare to iPhone 5S. When it comes to designs of both the devices one can easily identify iPhone because of its excellent design that attracted millions of people worldwide.

While Google is also not behind as Nexus comes with soft touch finish on back panel. In terms of weight, both are considered as light weight devices, but if you scroll your eyes towards its technology, Nexus 5 is 16% lifted than iPhone 5s.

However, Nexus 5 is also the winner when it comes to the display of the device as it has higher pixel density of 445 as compare to iPhone’s 326 ppi. But Apple’s iPhone 5S carries an eye pleasing display. In terms of technically, Apple’s iPhone offers A7 system on chip while Nexus 5 has Qualcomm’s snapdragon 800. When it comes to consider the battery life of both the devices, Nexus 5 has 2300 mAh battery while iPhone 5s has 1570 mAh battery. But iPhone 5s is got cherry on cake by fingerprint sensor.

Specs of iPhone 5s and Nexus 5
The biggest difference between in these two powerful smart-phones is the amount of random access memory that has been allocated to each. We know that iPhone 5S is the more expensive than Nexus 5 and it has half of the RAM of the Nexus 5 with one gigabyte versus two.

There are lots of manufacturers, who frequently advertise and set price tiers for on-board flash memory that is a place where phone store applications, pictures, music and other files even after it turns off. RAM is one such that only used by running processes.

It means if you are opting for multitasking very frequently like using your web browser in order to view some pages or other side listening to music, chatting with your friends, so Nexus 5 is a great device that will handle all this opening fourth or fifth application smoothly.

No doubt that iPhone 5s has ability for multi-tasking in its own way, but Nexus 5 has a different edge with double the RAM. The apple’s iPhone 5S may have the rim as the company has included a dual-LED flash to the iPhone 5S, adding an ocher bulb to the standard while. Through this, one can enhance low-light shots and provides more balanced and natural skin tones.

Closing Views:
So, you have two wonderful and powerful devices as options and both devices are completely best in terms of features, functionalities and performance. No doubt there is slight difference in the features with huge price difference.
However, Nexus 5 comes with Android 4.4 (kit-Kat) OS, while iPhone 5s comes with iOS 7 so you can make your own choice based on the above mentioned comparison. I have not told you to purchase particular device because you can make your decision as per your needs.