How many of you all know that you can use your phone’s camera for more than just taking pictures?

I think very few of you, but don’t worry as here I have listed some major uses of your phone’s camera except photos.


In recent times, smart-phones are getting better and better, so
smart-phone users can enjoy a complete range of features like multi-media, Internet, music player, camera and more. These days, smart-phone’s camera is coming with some excellent features that allow users to click some beautiful and striking pictures.

But what if your phone’s camera offers various other benefits except pictures? Yes, you read it correct, you can use your phone’s camera more than just photos. You can easily turn your phone’s camera into a translator, a scanner, product price matcher and much more.

Many of you will surely get shock that is it really possible to use phone’s camera for these things, yes it is easily possible for you, but you just need to know how to use it. If you are looking to learn many other uses of your smart-phone’s camera, continue reading this blog as here I have listed some other ways to use your phone’s camera for more than just clicking pictures:

Let’s Make Printed Books and Docs Editable:
Sometimes, we need any important quotation from any book for ant researching paper, presentation or for many other uses, but now you have to type it into your computer as your smart-phone allows you to make it easily possible using optical character recognition (OCR) technology.

When it comes to talk about OCR technology, it helps a computer recognizes alphanumeric characters in an image. To create editable, applications can take that data and searchable text can be used by you for whatever you like.

There are various OCR applications obtainable on the web for your smart-phones, but Google Goggles and TextGrabber are two best apps for android and iPhone respectively. So, choose anyone application as per your requirement and start scanning, and you can easily turn your printed materials into editable one.

Allowing You to Keep Record of Essential Data:

Generally, we all are taking pictures of people and places that we wanted to remember, but we can also do the same when we have to remember some important information. An excellent way to keep record of your important information, you can take photograph of your emergency information so that it becomes easy for you to provide it easily when you don’t have your cards with you.

You can take photographs of any cards and contact numbers and put all these in emergency album in your phone or make use of LifeLock application. Apart from this, you can also set your phone’s lock screen message or wallpaper that shows like in case of emergency. For an example: you can take the picture of anyone’s visiting card that you may need in any emergency.

Translating Text on the go:
Many times, we are reading any foreign texts and can’t get it what it written. We are looking for books to get help and read those texts, but now it becomes easily possible for all us as we can point our smart-phone’s camera at the text and see the translation happen in just seconds.

Not believing? But, you have to believe it as Word Lens is a great application that translates any text that camera sees. You just need to pay little money compare as each language in the app costs an additional $5, but it is a great solution, when you are roaming in the foreign country and unable to read anything.

Reading Barcodes & Evaluating Prices While purchasing:

Many times, you may find any best deal on the any store, but there are various other deals also obtainable on the web that you can find using your smart-phone. Your smart-phone allows you to compare the price of product with other stores’ price and choose one that is less. But, what if price tag is not mentioned, you can use your smartphone to read the barcode to discover the price.

Today, RedLaser (Download for Android, iOS, Windows Phone) is one of the best applications that sit high-up in the price comparison app options as it can easily scan barcodes and offer results quickly.

Moreover, this app also allows you to choose other best deals as well that are close to you. The best part of this app is that it costs nothing to use. However, there are lots of applications that can be used, but make sure to download best app that works best for you.

Conclude Whether Your Remote Control Needs Battery Change or Not:

We all know that remote controls are using infrared lights that the human eye can’t see. These rays are sending a signal to the television, Blu-ray player and more. Whenever the batteries run out, we can’t say that whether the remote needs new batteries or not. So, you can make use of smart-phone’s camera to easily tell the difference.

To conclude, you just need to point the remote’s infrared light at your camera’s lens, open any camera application on your phone and have to press the button on the remote. Your remote is working normally if you see the light appear. If you are unable to see the light, you need new batteries. So, you can easily replace your remote’s batteries.

Above mentioned uses of smart-phone’s camera more than just photos are completing excellent to use in your day-to-day life. You can make your regular life easy and hassle-free by using your phone’s camera except taking pictures, so what are thinking? Just begin with the trial.