commas-leftHave you ever experienced application crash on your iPhone? Well, this is not new to iOS application users as most apps used on their phone tend to crash with passing time. This problem is annoying as it may affect the smooth running of your phone and sometimes lead to loss of data.commas-right

You also must have wondered the cause behind this and must be searching there is a solution to it. There are few things you need.
In this article, we would be exploring some reasons behind the sudden and annoying iPhone app crashing and some steps to be taken to curtail this problem. Take time to follow through and see solutions to those problems.

No Crash Analytic

When an application crashes, a report called “crash report” is created. This will help understand what the problem is and where is it coming from. This will state the condition causing the iOS application to stop without prior warning.

Most iOS app developers fail to implement this function during their iOS app development, and when there are no crash reports attached to an iOS app closing unexpectedly, there is little or nothing that one can do to solve the problem.

So, it would be wise for an iOS app developer to implement crash analytic to the application during its development to help the application function the best possible way. With this in place, other causes of crashing in iPhone application can be reasonably reduced or stopped.

No Unit Testing of Features

This is another reason why most iPhone apps crash. Creating an application is very easy, but the competition among iOS app developers might prevent them from completely testing the applications created for possible error. Some app might work in some certain situation but tend to fail in another area, this results from inadequate testing by the iOS developers during iOS app development.

Some result due to a timing error. Some iOS applications might conflict when used together leading to one or both crashing, but if not tested together beforehand, this might not be detected.

Testing of application should be done on continuous basis and performance of application should be monitored at each interval and the received feedbacks must be recorded for performance enhancement, and the recorded problems should be fixed as soon as possible.

Unorganized Code

This should be obvious to iOS app developers. How easy would it be to find a pin in a scattered room? That would be a very serious assignment, the same applies to your code when written in an unorganized way. The smallest error will keep making your application crash annoyingly.

When there are too many codes to be written and all is left unorganized, it leads to one big problem for an iPhone application. The best way to solve this problem is to create a single purpose code that is needed by the users.

Target your code at what is necessary alone. Actually writing codes yourself might add to the problem and be tasking. Focus your work on error detection and see if probably you can fix the error in codes written beforehand.

No Memory Management

Memory management in any iOS application is very important, in fact without managing the memory reasonably, your phone will likely and probably not function well.
Memory management is one of the biggest and obvious problems affecting iPhone app, some applications keep opening several threads and consuming plenteous memory leading to this problem.

Apps not Tested on Low Internet and IPV6

IPV6 is very important and essential for the smooth functioning of your application. Most networks tested with your application will work perfectly, but when it comes to something greater than it has experienced, it tends to crash.

There are situations where applications will be used in areas where the network is poor or relatively not up to a measured standard, in such area and situation, the application will crash repeatedly.

Switching from 3G to 2G can cause scrambled packet or loss of connectivity, and most times the effect can be dangerous especially if one is updating certain functions.

One obvious way of solving this is by pre-informing a connection user to break and offer if possible the ability for you to do something else that might interest you with the network at any location whatsoever.

Compatibility Issues

So many people develop iOS apps either for personal use or for the public, but if not done in the best way, it will keep crashing as it may have more or less than the required function.

This can be solved though by being specific especially during iOS development by creating an application for a special design or for a unique purpose, optimizing of application to fit different phone is another reasonable option.

Software Lifecycle

When the Operating System (OS) is updated and the iOS application is not yet updated, crashing of the iOS application is unavoidable. For example, Android applications are known for crashing repeatedly over time since the OS is largely unstable.

New versions with higher power and function are released regularly but the applications to be used with it are scarcely improved and this will make the app not functioning enough for the device.

With the API, the problem can reasonably be reduced. Although, it also comes with its own problem, but for the meantime, it would be satisfying for all of us and will make it easy to make our application stay relevant and up to date.

iPhone application expires but if we keep our iOS application updated as quickly as possible, you won’t be affected by application crashing.


An iPhone application closes unexpectedly boils down to several reasons, but the best way to solve the problem is to detect the problems early and find a solution to them quickly.

Crashing of iOS app continuously will result in you losing your data and in the long run bore you out. The problem is not your iPhone, the problem is your iPhone applications, so the best thing to do is to be sure of the application you will be installing, and try as much to use the right application. Trust me even if iOS app developers don’t improve, you can improve the accuracy of your phone.

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