Microsoft has declared Windows 10 arrival for all its devices.

The all new OS will run on desktop PCs, tablets and smart-phones.

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Finally, Microsoft has declared Windows 10 arrival for all its devices like tablets, smart-phones, PCs and other devices. On its wonderful Windows 10 press event, the company said that its all new OS will scale depending on the type of your device and ultimately restore the Windows Phone OS used on smart-phones. Gradually, Windows Phone is gaining huge popularity in the market as it’s started making its way in the market conquered by the likes of Google and Apple.

Joe Belfiore, Microsoft’s VP of Windows, declared that the upcoming Windows 10 will come to Microsoft’s smart-phones as part of a plan in order to unite the Windows experience on different devices. Still, there is not a lot of information has been declared about the OS and its design; however, features of this OS will differ from the current Windows Phone 8.1 experiences.

We all know that the all new Windows 10 has been previewed with numerous changes for PCs and tablets running the x86 version of Windows 7 and 8.1. Moreover, it also comes to know that there will be an amalgamation of the Windows Phone Store and Windows Store, with importance on developers being able to bring apps to various devices running on Windows 10.

It displays that the Windows UI will level its start menu and other crucial features to make sure you and your fingers as it depends on the type of your screen size that is four inches or 40-inches.

When it comes to talk about the features of Windows 10, there are a complete range of features in the all new Windows 10 as it brings its Start Menu button back. The company has tried to combine the knowledge of Windows 7 with the modern interface of Windows 8.

The Start Menu is highly customizable, so users are allowed to resize the tiles and move them across and make the start menu tall and thin or long and flat as per their convenience. Being a perfect OS for all the devices, it will run smoothly on everything from desktops all the way down to smart-phones. Moreover the user interface will adjust consequently.

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