Trying to beat the two leaders of the market, Apple and Android, Microsoft Windows comes with its new concept to grab attention of smartphone users.

Check out what else Microsoft does itself to lead the mobile market.


Microsoft Windows is one of the proprietary operating system that brought out Windows for the mobile devices. Mobile devices created from Microsoft is mixed with some acclimatizes to it quickly while some feels that it is quite different from the desktop version.

Window 8 mobile phones are making waves that hold out on its own, but not be the typical Apple or Android. Soon after it launches, Windows 8 becomes center of attraction and its application store is flooded with a collection of applications.

When Microsoft released the Windows 8 Phone, it stunned every soul of the tech market and it had been discriminatingly escaping models to determine customer reaction. Now, introducing some marvelous piece of smartphone, now Microsoft is thinking to operate on the touch mechanism.

For starters, it has a Start screen replaces old start menu. Moreover, this screen comes with bright contrasting colors that might put-off viewers or attract gaudy.

Programs seem as tiles that fill the entire screen when maximize with touch. The device comes with some marvelous features like lower power consumption, USB 3. 0, in built security features, and cloud computing support, optimized installation for helping digital distribution.

No matter, what reasons are, Windows 8 is here to stay and App community has remarkable chances and thus, more work. One of the best things about Microsoft is it opens door for app development with an aim of unveiling some popular Windows application development.

Microsoft allows application community to pander in Windows phone app development with some conditions like:

  • Dynamic content for showing on the start screen as a tile
  • Option to integrate seamlessly with social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Optimized to execute in touch screen environment
  • Must be able to dock on the side bar when minimized
  • Options to easily search and share should rest with every app

Mobile customers are doing various activities on their mobile phones such as browsing, social networking, texting, sending or receiving emails, editing documents, downloading, etc. by downloading thousands of application that available at Windows App store.

Thus, they are expecting to run their application naturally. If you are unable then it will certainly drive custom of your application. Users can find innumerable features in mobile applications and thus, it becomes one of the mostly used technology tools. Windows Mobile application development helps business to exchange data and expand business everywhere.

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