From various cross-platform frameworks, PhoneGap is one of the best cross-platform frameworks that can be used to develop numerous types of applications including business, education, sports, travel and.

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With rapid increasing the demand for cross-platform applications, many new cross-platform frameworks are introduced in the market to make the task of cross-platform apps development easy yet effective. Appcelerator Titanium, RhoMobile, WidgetPad, MoSync and PhoneGap are different types of cross-platform frameworks that are highly popular in the market, but PhoneGap is one of the best and open source frameworks that widely used for developing cross-platform mobile applications.

Across the world, there are lots of developers, who are entered in the cross-platform development market to develop highly interactive applications. Maximum number of developers are using PhoneGap platform to develop robust and highly quality cross-platform applications. These developers are making use of HTML, JavaScript and CSS technology to develop innovative and rich applications.

PhoneGap – The Most Popular Cross-Platform Framework

PhoneGap is a perfect and excellent framework that can be used wonderfully to develop mobile applications that are rich in features, functionalities and exceptional performance. Now, developers can easily leverage their existing skills on a common platform instead of a device-specific compiled language. Someone, who is looking to develop a code base application that is compliable with multiple devices, PhoneGap is a great platform that works amazingly.

PhoneGap developed applications are more advanced and powerful as compare to normal HTML5 mobile websites. With the help of different APIs, PhoneGap apps can easily link to the smart-phone’s hardware like Accelerometer, Camera, Compass and more. As like that, cross-platform PhoneGap applications can be easily developed and built.

However, when it comes to talk about the best part of this framework, PhoneGap developed applications have gained recognition in the Apple as well as Google Play store. Therefore, one can easily get specific application for any mobile platform and get numerous benefits. The PhoneGap capabilities are achieved in the following way: a native project is generated, characteristic for each platform that includes a browser as the main component. This browser is able to display HTML/JavaScript code as usual page. Though, an object is obtainable that enables PhoneGap to regulate the access to native features of mobile devices.

PhoneGap plugin API enables you to write a code that can be easily implemented the lacking functionality if the default API is not enough. The code is written on the native programming language that is particular to each peculiar platform. So, if you have decided to get cross-platform applications, make sure you hire a professional PhoneGap developer, who understands your requirements and develop application that has many features.