Are you looking forward to move your phone’s applications into micro SD card in Windows Phone 8.1?

If yes, it is not difficult anymore as here we have mentioned easy way to move your apps into micro SD card.


One of the most advanced and powerful platforms ‘Windows Phone’ had a great problem in it. Before, Windows Phone was not manufactured with microSD support just like iPhone. It was one of the major problems that lots of users were facing.

Moreover, users were getting limited amount of internal memory that is not enough for users for downloading all their desired apps. Finally, the company has embedded MicroSD card slot with request and feedbacks from lots of users. However, there is still one problem that is users are still not allowed to install apps directly in to the SD card.

Furthermore, when it comes to transfer these apps into SD card, it is little bit confusing for lots of the people. So, users can find some simple yet effective ways to more their apps to memory card in Windows Phone 8.1. Here, you can learn how to transfer and install your apps to memory card in your Windows 8.1 smart-phone.

  • First of all, users need to open storage sense application in their smart-phone or device.
  • After that, they have to click on the phone.
  • Now, they can hit on Apps+games option
  • After it, they can select those applications that they are looking to move.
  • Now, they have to select ‘Move’ or Move to SD card option. They need to remember to press yes when the prompt ask them to confirm. Apps will be moved to your SD card.
  • However, if they installed an application on the SD card and removed it from the phone, the application will not be accessible until they are inserting the card.
  • Moreover, not every single application can be moved to a MicroSD card – it is developer’s choice.
  • From microSD card, they can easily move apps to phone storage by going to SD card in step 2 and then follow the rest of the steps.

How to Install App Directly into SD Card?

When it comes to installing applications directly to your external memory card in Windows 8.1, it is very easy. To install app into SD card, follow these steps:

  • First, open the setting application and then open storage sense.
  • Now, you can scroll down to the box labeled ‘Store my new apps on my’ and tap on the box.
  • At last, you can select SD card. Now, any application that you install will go the SD card.

So, this is the simple yet effective way of moving apps to memory card in Windows Phone 8.1. If you are looking to get any support from professional Windows Phone app developer for your any query, you can contact us and get instant solution.