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2016 Trends in Acquiring Customers for Spa & Salon Using Mobile Apps


Today we have some more ways to acquire customers for a business like Spa & Salon than traditional techniques, and those are a world of the Internet and mobile apps with the pockets of consumers stated Whether in smartphones or tablets.

World of the Internet for Spa & Salon Industry

It is online presence of your Spa & Salon business, which can bring customers straightly to your premise. Today we have myriads of ways to create online presence for companies including:

  • A dedicated mobile friendly website for Spa & Salon business
  • A shared website with different services to create your web pages with various domain extensions
  • Universal place finding services such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, AppointmentCare, etc. display your business profile with reviews, ratings, and comments
  • Local online directories including Yellow Pages services
  • Daily deal sites are new source of traffic and need some investment of time and resources as well as some money to offer discounts

Of course, creating a dedicated website demands some fortunes, but rests of options are almost free and require some efforts to build your profiles with some basic info about you and your business and some business critical keywords.

These all endeavors can place your listings on the top of the search results by search engines on the web. Today organic/natural search is the most rewarding and the cheapest way to acquire quality traffic because here people come willingly and with clear intention, so conversion rate remains high.

To obtain ranking on SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) you need to have some basic knowledge of SEO and other Internet marketing techniques, and you can find all on the web.

Hire on-demand dedicated developers of desired skill & experience.

If you have own website and some budget to allocate for paid ads through PPC campaign, it may prove excellent and highly rewarding for a limited period at the initial stage to drive tons of traffic for your Spa & Salon services.

Recent updates of Google and other search engines for online advertisement enable beneficiaries to run campaign easily even without any help of professional PPC services.

Leverage Traditional Ways of Marketing

Street & Road signage, posters, ad hoardings, banners, newspaper ads, TV ads, FM radio ads, etc. are traditional ways, a bit costly, but effective to some extent if your Spa & Salon business can afford it all for sometimes.

Local print media may prove your great source of advertisement if you maintain relationships with local writers and reporters. If local media editors allow publication of interesting stories regarding your business and customer reviews with real experiences, you can easily win the battle of local marketing by earning good rapports.

It is advisable to run traditional ads campaigns with synchronization of online ads campaign on search engines as well as on social media network. It better you amalgamate marketing incentives such as discounts, freemium, gifts, vouchers, coupons, specials, etc. with your ads campaign and shout out loudly using traditional as well as digital marketing routes available for your Spa & Salon adventure.

Buzz on Social Media Network

Today people are spending more times on social media networking sites than other activities on the Internet. Therefore, each website and mobile application integrate social networking sites to offer quick access to the visitors/users to their content.

Social media offers support for businesses in multiple ways.

  • By creating fan/business page for your Spa & Salon business with the help of social media optimization/marketing (SMO/SMM) experts (We recommend it because leveraging full potential of it only possible with expert and experienced hands)
  • By active participations on the leading social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others, so you can establish live and real-time communication with your audience present on the sites
  • You can give regular updates on your business and lure more loyal customers through social media
  • By using instant messengers available on social media, you can serve your clients for support and provide requisite info regarding your business
  • By allowing comments openly on your services on social media, you can bring transparency in your business and build long-term rapports
  • By using Social Ads, you can grab regional audience easily
  • By implementing recent business-friendly features of social media such as money transfer, payment gateway integration, and other ecommerce functionality, you can get maximum from the network
  • By creating useful content for your targeted audience and posting them on blogging sites as well as social media post like LinkedIn posts, you can guide your audience properly and earn prestige as a niche business leader
  • By writing tutorial and expert articles on relevant sites and post those links in social updates, you can send more readers on it and convert them into your customers forever
  • By acknowledging your promotions on social network, you can attract quality traffic to your Spa & Salon business
  • By posting multimedia content on social network like photos and videos on your business stories as well as customer experiences and their testimonials, you can win attentions as well as love of your clienteles and prospective customers/visitors

World of Mobile Applications for Spa & Salon Industry

Recent statistics show that the majority of youngsters and tech-savvy adults are spending their valuable time on the handheld devices, chiefly on smartphones. Thus, your vast audience is present on the mobile devices and reaching them is possible in two significant ways, through mobile friendly websites and exclusively designed custom mobile application for your business.

Still, your audience favors mobile apps because they are handy and easy to access business at anytime and anywhere. The most significant advantage of mobile app marketing is it is a permission-based model of marketing against rests of push-based marketing techniques.

Obviously, users download mobile app of your business willingly, never automatically or as a built-in app. Moreover, mobile apps allow online as well as offline functions to provide some basics of your business, as storage on mobile client devices is beneficial in offline working.

There are several benefits of a mobile application for Spa & Salon industry so let us check how we can grab it all.

How Mobile Apps Help Sap & Salon Businesses to Acquire More Traffic

Direct Booking

If you have direct booking module integrated with your calendar module in your mobile app, your prospective users would have ease and speed of booking an appointment in preferred and available time slot. It eliminates the need for phone or cell calls or shooting an email for visitors while save staff allocated for especially for that purpose for the business.


If you include advanced functionality, your appointment module can fire reminder notifications or alerts for those appointments on right time you have set in.


If you have affiliated with Foursquare-like location-based services, passerby visitors can check the availability of services and instantly fix their appointments, which is a huge benefit in itself.

Incentives on Empty Slots

Another marketing gimmick is, and possible with appointment module, which is an amalgamation of marketing incentives. It is natural that some odd hours or days are remaining empty in booking slot, and you have to bear the financial burden of leisure staff.

In such conditions, if you offer some discounts or gifts when visitors book your Spa or Salon visit for those empty slots, you might have a good turnover of visitors as well as money with maximum productivity.

Guides for Salon Style & Spa Treatments

People, mostly youngsters seldom confuse regarding the hairstyles they want to have that can mimic their idols or celebrities. The same goes for cosmetics and various spa treatments.

If you prepare organized photo gallery for the style guide and describe pros and cons of different spa treatments, you can certainly win more customers by helping them to take an informed decision.
You can do it using your mobile application, which can store some critical info in the cache and allow access offline too.

If you are smart enough and train your staff to take style photo of each customer after service, it may help you to give them reminders when they arrive at your doorsteps next time within the short or extended period.

It may give your customers real business/service experiences and establishes good rapports with staff. Moreover, you can use the same photos in your style gallery with real-world examples and references as your testimonials!

Special Offer Notifications

Mobile apps have a distinct advantage, and it is push notification feature. You can reap the most from it by sending genuine and logical special offer notifications to your visitors and loyal customers with personalization approaches.

Moreover, you can draw the attention of your audience as well as passerby customers by forwarding them special promotions, daily deals, special deals, event-based promotions, GPS coupons, vouchers, and other check-in marketing incentives to increase customer flows to your business and cut traffic for your competitors.

Loyalty Campaign

The loyalty program is something that keeps repeat customer base intact and grows it further, and it should implement under highly personalized environment. Fortunately, a mobile app with some authentications like creating accounts or profiles can grant you those facilities to run personalized loyalty programs.

You can offer different give-ups using secret code sending on mobile app notifications. Your mobile analytics and analysis software can run a draw or select the beneficiary customers based on their buying history.
Unlike the web, mobile app delivers your messages and digital gifts fast and by intimate ways.

Hire dedicated team for your next web development project.

Allied Ecommerce/Product Sales

Spa & Salon businesses have several allied products to sell to their customers with interests. For instance, pastes, creams, Gels, wax, clay, and so many such items you can be sale through your mobile apps and deliver by home delivery options.

Your mobile app can act as ecommerce app and allows you to offer all required features and functionality including payments. Thus, your mobile app for Spa & Salon business can open a new stream of revenues as well as opportunities for new businesses online.


Today Spa & Salons are no more small and ignorant businesses. We have various and innovative marketing channels to boost the growth of these unique businesses.

Traditional marketing efforts may yield limited results, but online marketing has huge potentials. We can add more flavors in it by development mobile applications that can syncs all marketing efforts in innovative ways.

However, creating desired features and functionality in your Spa & Salon mobile app is challenging. It requires intensive experiences with a successful portfolio. Mobile app development team with such flairs is a rare phenomenon, and Perception System is lucky enough to have high-end mobile app designers as well as mobile app programmers with a decent portfolio in their favors.

Quick development with transparent processes is only possible at Perception System. You can take active participations by modern PMS and communication channels.

Thorough understanding of Spa & Salon businesses in various regions of the world enables business analysts to prepare viable and usable solutions. Expert UX designers can bring rich experiences for your mobile app with cost-effective development.

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