commas-leftToday, approximately 8% of startup founders are women as per the EZebis, a website which supports women in tech.commas-right

In spite of fact, that private companies that led by women have shown to attain a 35% higher return on investment, still tech industry failing women, but why, what is the reason behind this? Fact is, more than half of women doubt their abilities and aptitude to start a business as per a recent Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Report.

As per the report, men have more professional and creative network for motivation and advice. It is not easy to get the reason behind this – when it comes to talk about the computer science, which is considered the backbone of any tech firm, it is currently full of male dominated field. Less than 30% of women are indulge in U.S.

computer science and engineering programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels as per the National Science Foundation. To get more information on the reasons, click here.