commas-leftApple's iPhone is the most revolutionary device till date, and it is well-known for its exclusive range of features that will make your work a lot simpler. However, here I have mentioned different things that your iPhone could do,but you might not know, so let's have a look.commas-right

Apple’s iPhone is one of the most popular and widely demanded smartphones in the market as most of the people worldwide prefer to purchase iPhone due to its incredible features and looks.

Recently, Apple has launched its most awaited iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus that are loaded with an excellent range of features. However, lots of people are unaware of the features of iPhone as these high-end devices can do all sorts of things.

Here, you can find a list of the Apple’s iPhone features that will surely blow your mind off, so let’s have a look on the below mentioned things that your iPhone could do, but you didn’t know:

1. Switch to Airplane Mode & Recharge Your Battery Faster

Switch to Airplane

Now, you can recharge your iPhone’s battery faster by switching to airplane mode as it turns off battery-draining wireless and cellular access. It will allow your phone to recharge as fast.

2. Save Battery Life

You can turn off the following settings and make your iPhone last longer when your iPhone’s battery is low. By turning off, you will still receive calls, SMS and even go online with EDGE connection.

1. Settings>Wi-Fi>Off
2. Settings>Bluetooth>Off
3. Settings>Privacy>Location Services>Off
4. Settings>General>Cellular>Enable 3G>Off
5. Settings>General>Cellular>Enable LTE>Off
6. Settings>Sounds>Vibrate on Ring & Silent>Off
7. Settings>Brightness & Wallpaper>Auto-Brightness>Off
8. Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars>Fetch New Data > Off.


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3. Stop The Music With A Time

Stop the Music

Many of you all love to listen to music before getting into bed, but often you doze off without switching the iPhone off, so you can make use of timer as it helps you to shut down the music.

To do this, you just have to tap on Clock>Timer> When Timer Ends. After that scroll down and tap Stop Playing. Then, you can set a timer as per your convenience like 30 or 45 mins and tap start. Now, you can play any music, and it will be turned off after 30 mins.

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4. Shake to Undo

Undo Typing

While typing or editing a picture, if you made a mistake, no problem just give your phone a little shake – like you are making a martini. And after shake – it will ask you that whether you want to undo the action or not.

5. Get Siri to Read Your Emails Loudly For You

Get Siri to Read

You just have to say the three magical words “Read my email, and Siri will read your emails and messages loudly for you. If you want, then you ask here to read only your latest emails saying “Read my latest email” or only those from a particular contact.

6. Deleting Last Digit in Calculator Application

Deleting Last Digit

Have you entered a wrong digit in the Calculator app? No need to worry. Instead of tapping the clear button, you just have swipe your finger to the left to right of the number in order to clear the last digit. Every single swipe will delete the last digit.

7. Scroll Down Videos and Music at half, Quarter or Eighth Speed

Videos and Music

Now, it is the most useful feature. When you scroll through a movie or any song, the default mode of it is on high-speed, and sometimes it becomes difficult to find the exact sport that you want. In order to do this, you can hold down the dot, or you can playhead in the scrollbar at the topmost position of the video screen. Move your finger left or right to scroll once you have selected the speed.

8. Take Photo Using HeadPhone CordHead Phone

If your shaky hands are not allowing you to take good pictures, you just trigger a snapshot with the help of volume up or down buttons on your headphone.

9. Begin with new sentence by double tapping the spacebar

double tapping the spacebar

You just have to double-tap the spacebar whenever you are typing, and you need to begin with a new sentence. Automatically, it will add a period and a space for you.

10. Make Use of iPhone as a level

iPhone as a level

Are you looking forward to hanging a picture? Swipe left, and your iPhone will become a perfect level in the compass application.

11. Take a Picture With The Volume Buttons

Volume Buttons

If you are finding it difficult to capture a picture by touching the capture button, you can make use of either volume up or the volume down button and take shoot.

12. In Panorama Switch Shooting Directions

Panorama Switch Shooting

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In Panorama mode, you can tap the arrow in order to switch the shooting direction as this way you can take a panorama picture from left to right or right to left.

13. Look a More Detailed Calendar

Detailed Calendar

While making use of the calendar application, you can turn your phone sideways and voila, you can get in-depth look at your sked.

14. Adding Web Suffixes with a single tap

Suffixes with a single tap

While typing in a web address, you just have to hold down the “.” at the button of your keyboard. As a menu will pop-up displaying a complete list of web suffixes (.com, .net, .edu. etc.).

15. Formatting Email Content

Email Content

While writing it on your iPhone, you can easily format your email content. All you have to do is just highlight the text that you wanted to format and tap on the option arrow so that you can look for the Bluetooth button. You just have to tap on it and choose the format that you wanted like Italic, Bold or underline.

16. Customize Vibrations

Customize Vibrations

Through this, you can easily change the vibration pattern for alerts and notifications. You just have to Go to Settings>Sounds>Ringtone>Vibration>Create New Vibration. You are also capable enough of customizing the vibration pattern for every single contact by following the same procedure from your contact list.

17. Set An Alphanumeric Passcode

Using an alphanumeric passcode, you can give an additional protection to your iPhone. Go to Settings>General>Passcode Lock. Just turn off simple passcode and you will be promoted to enter your alphanumeric password.

18. Set Your Phone to Expel Light Flashes for Alerts

Phone to Expel Light

You can have it emit an LED flash rather than having your iPhone ring or vibrate while getting a call or a message. Go to Settings>General>Accessibility, as this way you can scroll down and turn on LED Flash for Alerts.

19. Send Various Photos At Once in Messages & Mail

If you do not like to add and send pictures one by one in messaging or email, you should try this trick out as here is a guidelines on how you can send different photos at one go from your iPhone with just simple taps.

So, these are the 18+ things that iPhone could do, but you probably don’t know. Enjoyed? Do share your views by commenting below and let us know if you know anything that we have missed.

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