commas-leftThere are only 2 two days to start NFL Draft 2016, so have downloaded the applications of it to get real-time updates and live scores? If not, this blog contains top 4 android NFL Draft 2016 apps that you can check-out and download in your device.commas-right

The most awaited 2016 NFL Draft will be the 79th annual meeting of National Football league that is going to be start from May 8th, 2016. It will be held at Radio City Music Hall in New York City beginning at 8p.m. ET.

Across the world, there are lots of people, who are biggest fans of this league that is going to be on us again very soon. To make your experience more innovative, we have listed top 4 Android NFL Draft 2016 applications that will bring real-time updates of the game.

NFL Game Pass:
Now, watching NFL games live on your phone and tablet becomes extremely easy as NFL Game Pass application allows you to get a full experience of NFL that you never get on any other application. However, this application is obtainable for free and it doesn’t charge any subscription to watch the live-streamed games. However, the preseason subscription is currently $39.99 and it expects that there will be lots of subscription options once the seasons start.

NFL Game Pass

NFL Mobile:
NFL mobile is the new, redesigned and rebuilt application of the NFL that carries football right to your android phone or tablet. Using this application, users can get latest breaking news, video highlights; live game scores, custom team news and more.

This application allows users to manage their fantasy football team and more. Some wonderful features of NFL mobile application includes receiving up-to-the minute NFL game score updates, custom team alerts, fantasy football and video highlight.

NFL Mobile

NFL Pro 2013:
How can we forget NFL Pro 2013? This application brings Football back on your smart-phone. It is obtainable for free-of-cost and allows users to play football simulation and gives them rich and more immersive and realistic experience. Moreover, it also allows you to choose your favorite team amidst any of the 32 franchises. Users can also experience new graphics and smoother animations for a realistic football experience.

Alex Dobie – TVCatchup
tvcatchupAlex Dobie – TVCatchup is the best application that also known for bringing a new experience of watching live television to your Android device. No matter which channel you are looking to view, it allows you to watch many channels from within the UK. Equipped with lots of television features, this application is extremely east to use for watching live TV on the move with an Internet connection. So, it is must downloading application for android users as it brings real-time updates of the games.

So, these are the top 4 Android NFL Draft 2016 Apps that allow you to get latest and updated information about the games, live score and much more. If you are looking to get your android app that has your desired features, you can hire android developer from any trusted android game development company.