commas-leftMany of us think that Android is one such OS that only runs in Smart-phones, but there are various other Android gadgets that you can find. Let’s have a look on different android gadgets of 2016.commas-right

Today, there are lots of gadgets apart from smart-phones that run on Android platform. It is one of the most powerful and advanced mobile operating systems that widely used in different gadgets as well.

Across the world, there are lots of people, who think that Android is the OS that only use in smart-phones, but there are some other gadgets also that run on Android OS. Let’s have a look 2016’s top 5 incredible Android gadgets that you should check-out:

Android Gaming Consoles:
We all know that Android is one of the biggest OS in the market that secures its place in different gadgets. Today, Android fans can find Android gaming consoles as well like Onlive, XBMC and TuneIn integrated into its Android-based OS that can also host streaming video applications like YouTube and Netflix on its Android-based OS.

When it comes to Ouya, it features TuneIn, XBMC and OnLive. However, Android gaming consoles are completely best and entertaining that allow people to play a range of games.

Android Fridges:
These days, refrigerators are also getting smart as Samsung has worked on amazing Android four-door refrigerator that host lots of amazing features like photos, calendar schedules, recipes and video applications. Moreover, this fridge even downloads apps straight from Google Play.

The all new Android fridge that names as Samsung T9000 comes for £2,400. It also features Evernote application and 10-inch touch-screen that make this fridge a perfect solution.

Android Cars:
The all new Android-powered retrofit gadget ‘the Parrot Asteroid’ is the first stop on road to Android-powered in-car entertainment. Most popular brand like Audi already integrates Google Earth into its navigation system.

Android powered car also features Bluetooth hands-free calling, voice controlled track select from an iPhone, FM radio with web access, excess of maps and apps in its Android OS. The Open Auto Alliance means there are more Google technology that will arrive at Hyundai, Honda and GM.

Android Cameras:
Recently, Samsung has launched Samsung Galaxy camera, which is the simple yet powerful camera running on Android 4.1 OS. This android camera allows photo sharing, back-up and more.

The best part of this camera is that it features a 4.8-inch touch-screen, a 16.3-MP sensor, GPS location-tagged uploads to Twitter and Facebook and a 21x optical zoom lens with 23mm aperture. The camera comes with £335 price tag, but trust me, this high-end camera is completely best for you to capture some wonderful moments.

Android Televisions:
When it comes to talk about Android televisions, LG’s Google TV is a great example of Android television that employs AndroidTV connect enables the downloading of any Google play application.

This TV connects with Bluetooth with a joystick-style QWERTY keyboard-cum-gamepad and accelerometer-equipped gamepad.

So, these are top 5 Android gadgets that come with some wonderful features to make your daily life a lot easier and fun-loving.