Many smartwatches introduce in the market, but doesn’t get mainstream attention from users.

Soon, Google also going to introduce its smartwatches with integrated features like Samsung and Pebble.

Read this post to know other smartwatches available in the market.


We have seen eight full-page ads of traditional non-smartwatch companies like Rolex, Tudor, Seiko and Burberry in the latest issue of Wired Magazine. The time has been changed and now, we have seen watches with big brains and smarter than before. I have spent huge time to find out the most interesting smartwatch that deliver smart features, from simple notifications on an otherwise analog and old-school interface, full-blown smartphone extensions with touch-screen displays and so on. Considering the price, you just have to spend between $100-300.

We have seen Samsung, Sony Smartwatch and Qualcomm watch coming before the holidays. While Apple is thinking to make one and Google is developing that runs on Android and integrated with Google Now. Other than this, there are some smartwatch makers in the race to equip wrists with smart technology, let’s check out what are they.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Galaxy Gear

Samsung Galaxy Gear is a feature-packed smartwatch, including some remarkable features like picture and video taking, a touchscreen-touting, S-Voice-boasting wrist gadget that is only compatible with Samsung devices. This device has remarkable camera features 2-megapixel capture and can easily shoot 720p 10-second video clips.



Cookoo is different from other smartwatches. It has excellent touch-screen functionality and uses icons to alert users to particular events. The best thing about Cookoo watches is it doesn’t lose its much functionality as you might users is assuming. With Cookoo watches, user will know whether they have forgotten phone or iPad behind.



A Smartwatch with elegant look, Martian is designed to use as an extension of the smartphone. It is one of the hottest choices of users due to its sophisticated styling and remarkable features like hands-free voice commands, messages and alerts display, andsmartphone camera control. Just like Cookoo watch, Martian watches also allow to trigger a camera app from far distance.



Pebble is one of the most favorite and oldest smartwatch. Before this smartwatch, Microsoft SPOT watches by Fossil, Suunto and Tissot are quite popular among users that show information of weather, stocks, news, etc. Since launching on Kickstarter, Pebble has built up its popularity among its users. Some of the fabulous features available with Pebble smartwatch are easy access to notifications, good daylight readability, waterproofing, functional display, great battery life of 5-7 days, a decent selection of apps and so on.

Sony SmartWatch 2

Sony SmartWatch

Sony SmartWatch 2 is supportable with Android based devices. This Sony SmartWatch 2 notifies and control live music outside of your pocket. Users can also take their calls by Bluetooth with Sony SmartWatch 2. One of the best things about this device is it comes with “a wide range of apps available” via Google Play to enhance its capability.

I’m Watch


I’m Watch is another attractive smartphone extension that allows you to leave your phone in your pocket by letting you to access email messages, text and calls on your wrist. Users can control touchscreen by using different gestures like swipes, taps and wrist-shaking. With this smartwatch, you will get built-in apps like weather, stocks, Facebook, Twitter, a compass and so on. I’m Watch is available in many colors.

WIME NanoSmart

IME NanoSmart

Being a small GSM phone, NanoSmart can be worn on the wrist as a watch. It seems like iOS (pre-7) that allows users to see view SMS messages and Gmail notification, check recent call history, see calendar events, access contacts and do lots more things. WIME NanoSmart comes with other remarkable functions like FM radio tuner.