Have you purchased a new iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus or already own an iPhone 5?

Whatever iPhone model you have, It is must to have a great collection of applications that make your device stand out.


In this blog, you can find 2016’s top iPhone applications that you should download in your device to make your life better and get an improved experience:

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Weather Underground:

Weather Underground is the best iPhone application as it clearly present various hyper-local information in a lot simple and customizable interface.

Information that is obtainable in this app will keep the meteorology geek satisfied.

The application is powered by network of 100,000+ personal weather stations.

Moreover, the application delivers hyper-local forecasts and current conditions and more to make sure that you are prepared for what weather brings.


When it comes to talking about WolframAlpha, it is like a math and science version of Wikipedia.

Being an excellent source of nerd knowledge and computation about anything from simple algebra to the depths of the universe.

Gradually, WolframAlpha becomes the world’s leading definitive source for instant expert knowledge and computation.

Iphone users should definitely download this application to get rich experience.

Movies by Flixster:

A number one application for movie reviews, showtimes and trailers ‘Movies by Flixster’ is the most downloaded movies application that is considered as all time favorite app.

Mainly, this high-end application has been featured in the App store essentials hall of fame by Apple.

Being a clear and well-designed application, Movies by Flixster is highly impressive application, which effectively brings you huge information that you need to make your movie-viewing decisions.

Adobe Photoshop Express:

We all know that digital photography is one such task that is suited to desktop and laptop computers, but Adobe has proved it can also be done in the mobile using Photoshop Express, a free photo-editing app for iPhone users.

It is a solid tool for making light photo edits on your iPhone, it can handle noise reduction as well.

In short, this application has a lot more than what you are looking for, so just download this app and enjoy numerous features.


Box is one such application that is featured by Apple in Best New apps and Best New Business Applications. It is a wonderful application for viewing, editing and sharing your files safe and securely in the cloud.

Using this application, users can have all their files at their fingertips, can access their files online from their desktop and on their iPhone or iPad. Moreover, users can take notes and capture ideas on mobile.


Today, Digg is also one of the best iPhone applications, giving the most interesting stories on the Internet.

This exclusive iPhone application is powered by social signals and old-fashioned human judgment as the editors turn the Internet’s huge and crackly articles, posts, magazines pieces, videos into the top engrossing mix that is known as Digg.

Moreover, the application also recommends other contents as well to explore, so it is the best app for iPhone users.

Across the world, millions of people are using to capture everyday tasks, share lists with the people away from them, organizing big projects and sharing lists with loved ones.

In short, is one such application that makes it a lot simpler to keep your life fully organized in one single place.

Smoothly, the application syncs with your mobile, desktop and tablet, so users can access it from anywhere!


One of my personal favorite applications ‘Evernote’ is must to download for iPhone users as it is a modern workspace, which is helpful for you to be your most productive self.

Users of this application can write different types of notes, from short lists to huge research and access them on any device.

In addition to this, the app is dedicated to present your work as it takes shape for better collaboration in meetings.

Google Docs:

Google Docs is a free application for iPhone users to create, edit and collaborate with others on documents from your device.

Users of this app are capable of developing new docs or edit any that were developed on the web or another device.

Moreover, they can share documents and work with others in the same document at the same time. You can get stuff done anytime even without an internet connection.


EasilyDo is an award-winning assistant application, which can be used by professionals to organize their work and personal life in an easy way.

This application is known for streamlining your work by connecting to apps & services that you care about.

Users of this application can connect and manage their email accounts and calendars from their Gmail, Yahoo, Exchange and IMAP accounts.


When it comes to talking about Pushbullet application, this high-end application saves your time by moving your notifications, links and files wherever you go.

Users are able to see all of their notifications while working on their Mac.

Rather than grabbing your phone, see and dismiss your notifications right from your Mac, all you just need is the Pushbullet Mac application.


Flipboard is also a great application for iPhone users as its reverend content from your social networks and websites that you like, from magazines to blogs and turns them into wonderful magazine-like digital pages.

Moreover, if you want only some of the highlights or top stories that can be sent right to your device. Users of this application can scan a summary, save it to a Flipboard magazine or share it with a friend.


Gogobot is a travel application that comes with more than 725000 reviews and 4M photos.

The application provides you with personalized recommendations on where you should eat, Play or Stay wherever you are.

Moreover, the application has a lot of features like Go Adventure – no matter whether you are dive baring, cliff diving or lounging, Gogobot is a highly recommended app!


IFTTT stands for “if this, then that”. It is the best and a lot simple way to program your life to be more automatic without having to learn even a bit of programming.

The application uses direct selection menu, so users can ensure that particular tasks are getting done.

Users can activate and connect their channels services like Facebook, Gmail, Dropbox and devices like Nest Thermostat.


Previously known as SignNow, CudaSign is the world’s leading business signing application that is mainly used by more than 40% of the Fortune 1000.

Today, the application has made it extremely easy both for free and forget about printing, scanning or faxing.

Equipped with a lot of features, CudaSign is a perfect app that is used by a lot of people to sign and fill documents including sales agreements, celebrity endorsements, NDAs and more.

Above mentioned 2016’s top iPhone applications are rich in terms of features, performance and functionalities.

Iphone users can download these top applications to make their life a lot easier.

Stay connected with us to get 2nd part of this blog as we will soon publish it and share remaining top iPhone apps of 2016.

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