commas-leftThe war between Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS will never end as both are fighting for the first position, but Apple’s iOS is always ahead of Android. Find-out how iOS is still ahead of Android and share your views as well.commas-right

Since the inception of Android, the battle between both the platforms ‘Apple’s iOS’ and ‘Google Android’ is getting worse each day. It is true that android is one of the best operating systems among mobile fans, but most of the applications are first debuting in iOS platform.

We all know that Android users wait for a week or a month to get same application on Google Play store while Apple users are first to enjoy all the apps. For an example, recently FireChat is an advanced mobile messaging app that was first released for iOS platform and two weeks after, it makes its way towards Android platform.

There are many other applications like Instagram and more that were first launched on iOS platform 18 weeks earlier to the Android launch. We can’t say that why all the applications are first making their way towards iOS and then to Android, but it is assumed that iOS is more advanced, powerful and secure platform compare to Android.

All the android need to have access to numerous applications through the Play Store; however, the number of applications for Android platform surpasses easily the number for iOS because of the some reasons – enlarging the number of Android users and the free platform of Android open source project.

Moreover, developers are also allowed to experiment their inventiveness on the Android open source project. Still, you can see a complete range of applications that are mainly debuting on iOS platform because of following mentioned reasons:

According to some experts’ developers, developing applications on iOS platform is extremely easy compare to Android platform because developers can find lots of tools that can be used to make iOS applications. Apart from this, Android is one such OS that is suffering from disintegration because of different manufacturers making their own versions of the OS. They also told that extra time is required to design, develop and release an application on Android platform.

We know that Apple always promoted its numerous products as class instead of its style and splendor, and it is also true that everyone can’t afford Apple products. For many people, having an apple product is more of a lifestyle plan than a need.

On the other hand, android is considered as budgeted driven and everyone can easily afford android products. However, it is also true that iOS with a lesser user-base still strongly maintains its position and manages to haul out five times more earning compare to android.

Recently, a big enterprise ‘Mapbox’ has created one map that mainly based on 280 million tweets across America and smart-phones are used to post those tweets. Through created map, one can complete image of the wealth division in U.S. It is obvious that wealthy parts were tweeting through Apple devices while poor areas were posting through android devices. To get detail information on this Mapbox survey, you can click here.

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