Web browser applications are important to have in your device.

However, some users get confused when installing application packed with appropriate eatures.

So, to remove their confusion, we have listed 7 best web browser applications to download.


Do you have any idea how important it is to have a good web browser app in your Android phone? Having a web browser app is must for exploring what actually you want.

As the strength of Android operating system is increasing day-by-day, most of the developers are building applications and publishing on the web.

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No doubt, there are uncountable web browser applications for Android OS to install and use. But here, we have listed top 7 Android Browsers to try for your device.

Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser for Android

Dolphin is a clean and tabbed browser, delivering a nice user experience on almost every Android device.

Supporting tight integration with services like LastPass & Evernote, Dolphin comes with some exclusive features that every mobile user is looking for.

Interesting, it access the web by developing a personal symbol – which is my personal favorite feature.

Opera Browser For Android


Opera Browser For Android

Opera is one of the most popular mobile browser for Android, have a slick design and it loads page faster than any other browser.

This browser works with an aim to be your gateway to website content with some marvelous features like the Opera mobile apps store, news portal and so on.

Downloading this browser will provide you functionality of “off-road” mode that loads page quickly and ensure to be easy on data plan.

Opera Browser For Android

Opera Mini

Opera Mini Browser for Android

Opera Mini is another popular browser for android that is designed to enhance surfing excellently where the network conditions are not proper.

This browser provides you a special access to special Opera web application, a list of security features and a homepage with social media and news updates.

Opera Mini Browser for Android


Next Browser Android

Having remarkable features, Next browser comes with a colorful screen that starts your day happily.

GO Launcher team develops this browser, it offers faster secure & private browsing.

Users can set up their homepage with ease and can do anything immediately.

Next Browser Android

One Browser

ONE Browser Android

Being the simplest browser, One Browser is available free to download for Android device. Some of the best features you will find in this browser are page capture, Multi-window operation, website view switcher for Desktop and Basic view.

It is a must-try browser for those users, who have not tried any other browser. One Browser supports HTML5 offering faster downloading speed to its users.

ONE Browser Android

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Google Chrome

Google Chrome for Android

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser that doesn’t need any introduction. Interestingly, it offers a perfect sync between all the devices with a single Gmail Account.

The best thing is, it minimizes mobile data usage by 50% while browsing. Other remarkable features of Google Chrome are voice search, Incognito mode, translate, faster browsing and so on.

Google Chrome for Android

Firefox Browser for Android

FireFox For Android

Not only for Android, Firefox also works well for iOS users. This browser comes with fabulous add ons that can be used just like one uses them on their PC.

Flash videos are also supported by Firefox. You can watch videos without installing extra application. It enables private browsing and provides safety with many security setting & features like Do not track.

FireFox For Android

Above listed are the best web browser apps you can download on your device. If you want to develop your own android application, then contact Perception System with your requirements.

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