As per the, WhatsApp could be working on WhatsApp Web version as the messenger is following the footsteps of its rival like Telegram, Viber, WeChat and more.

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One of the most popular messenger applications ‘WhatsApp’ is looking to follow the path of its competitors such as WeChat, Viber and Telegram to create its own footing on the web. Recently, shows proof of the existence of WhatsApp Web.

We all know that WhatsApp may have more than 600 million users worldwide, but unfortunately, it is a little behind than its competitors like Viber, Telegram, Line and WeChat when it comes to the web. But the company is going to launch desktop version of WhatsApp that named as WhatsApp Web.

As per the reports, WhatsApp might be working on a web client for its phone-based messaging platform. However, the proposal is supported by a cord of code discovered in version 2.11.471 of the app with mentions of “WhatsApp Web” and computers logging-in and out of the client.

One can also get view of the latest tracking activity in web sessions. However, strings of code are not real proof that WhatsApp is working on a web client, and there are various other evidences as well that pointing to the existence of WhatsApp web.

The first rumor about a web client of WhatsApp first appeared when Pavel Durov, founder of rival messaging app Telegram, told TechCrunch that WhatsApp tried to simmer one of its web developers, providing increase to speculations that WhatsApp is working on a messaging application for the web. Further investigations have been done by and found out that WhatsApp has a domain dedicated for a web client. writes “We still were curious about what the site was going to be and we have assumed some further research.” Further, “The first guess was an instant hit; the website appeared to exist but is protected and can only be signed by a Google account.”

Specially, since Oct.30, the Dutch blog says that the address for the web client has been around for “awhile”. In order to ensure that the domain was not one of many unused subdomains bought by WhatsApp, the researchers also tried other sub-domains like and found nothing.

Amusingly, the code does not mention WhatsApp founder Facebook that purchased this application for $19 billion. However, the web client domain features Google login, not Facebook login. We can say that WhatsApp Web will not ask for the use social network’s login utility. Instead of it, users will need to use same technique to Telegram uses to verify the user’s identity, reported by

Reports informed that WhatsApp Web is said to do the same even though rather than sending any text messages, the client will be delivering QR codes, which can be scanned to enable users to log-in to the web client.

However, the date has not been confirmed by that when users will get WhatsApp for the web. We can also say that still the evidences are not enough to confirm the news, so we all can do is keep waiting.

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