Are you willing to implement all the latest features in your Windows 8.1 device?

Go through this post and get information about a collection of refinements and functional improvements that enhance your device and deliver marvelous surfing.


A month ago, Windows 8.1 was launched by Microsoft with a collection of refinements and functional improvements like enhanced Bing search, more customizable Start screen and uncountable number of applications and services. There are some interesting tweaks of note available for both surface appearance and deeper down and these below given tips you will get to know what is new in the latest OS.

Customize the Start screen

Do you love to customize the Start screen? There are many options to customize start screen like you can simply name individual groups of shortcuts, switch between three app tile sizes and can also access more shades of colors. To do this, you just have to Right-click on the Start screen and select Customize in order to change group names and tile sizes. Additionally, you can open the Settings charm and select “Personalize” to access the wallpaper and other color alternatives.

Check app sizes

You have to open the Settings charm and choose Change PC settings >> Search and apps >> App sizes. After going through this option, you will find a collection of currently installed applications. This can be useful for those people, who are looking for free space in their hard drive and wanted to know what you can deduct.

Use the Reading View

Windows Phone users can have all-new Internet Explorer 11. If users want to run it in Start screen mode then he/she have to book icon on the right of the address bar when looking at particular pages. Now, you have to click on this icon for entering Reading View, where you can find unnecessary paraphernalia that are leaving only the content that you care about. Moreover, using the Share charm, you can able to send articles to the new Reading List app.

Get your libraries back

Users will find the File Explorer in Windows 8.1 is not as dedicated on libraries like music, videos, photos, etc. as its antecedent. So, they have to find the newly renamed ‘This PC’ view by opening up choose View >> Navigation pane >> Show libraries in order to bring them on the left-hand side back.

Make a lock screen slideshow

One of the best features in Windows 8.1 is it has ability to create a slideshow of pictures on the lock screen instead of one fixed image. In order to create a slideshow, you have to follow the process, i.e. Change PC settings > PC and devices > Lock screen. Now, ‘On’ the slideshow option and specify a local folder or SkyDrive folder for source images.

Set a universal wallpaper

With Windows 8.1, you can now set the same picture for desktop backdrop and Start screen. To set your picture, you just have to choose ‘Personalize’ option from the Settings charm on the Start screen and you’ll view your current desktop wallpaper appear as the final option.

Save to SkyDrive

All thanks to Windows for integrating SkyDrive app in 8.1. To make use of SkyDrive, you just have to select Change PC settings and theu you have found open up the SkyDrive page. After that, you just have to enable SkyDrive for your default save location, sync configuration settings across multiple PCs and upload photos automatically.

Edit your photos

Microsoft has dedicatedly worked on the Start screen apps like Photos that includes some basic editing tools. Users can use such tool for editing image. To edit image, you just have to choose the image from the Photos app and then right-click and choose Edit to access a collection of tools, filters and adjustment options.

Set the full apps list by default

Now, users can able to launch the All Apps screen instead of launching the Start screen or the desktop when you’re PC boots up. Users can have options by right-clicking on the taskbar and select Properties and opening up the Navigation tab.

Turn off universal search

Now, you can get a cornucopia of matching results from your PC, the Web and Windows settings by just entering a keyword or two into the Search option. Users can also disable the online component through the Settings charm >> Change PC settings >> Search.

These amazing features change your entire device and deliver amazing user experience. If want to know more about other interesting tips to modify your device, then CONTACT HERE