For all the laptop users, there is one kind of hidden feature “The Windows Mobility Center” in Windows 8.1.

They can easily access it, but how?

Go through this blog and find how you can access the Windows Mobility Center.


When it comes to talk about the Windows 8.1 features, there are lots of handy features that one can enjoy, but there is one interesting feature for all the laptop users. Windows Mobility Center is one such feature that especially designed to give a centralized location for a group of setting, which pertinent to laptop users. Instead of discussing more, let’s have a look on it:

Access The Windows Mobility Center:

In Windows 8.1, the Windows Mobility Center is one kind of hidden feature, but mainly you would find two different ways to launch it – first, you can get it from the [Windows] + [X] menu as you just need to press it. You can find that you can easily access the Windows Mobility Center near the top of the menu, when you see menu appearing (Figure A).

In the below given image, you can see how you can launch the Windows Mobility center from the [Windows] + [X] menu.

Figure A

When it comes to talk about the second way of accessing the Windows Mobility Center, it is from the Battery context menu. You can right click on the battery icon in the system tray in order to do so, and you can see the Windows Mobility Center, which is extremely near the bottom of the menu. In the below given image (Figure B), you can have a look:

Figure B

The Tools:

You can see the Windows Mobility Center as the UI make use of tile layout in order to display a lot of utilities, which are spread out over the Control Panel. You can also find some other additional tiles that are depend on your hardware.

For an example – you may find a Screen orientation tile on a tablet and if you have used the Windows Mobility Center in earlier versions of Windows, you can notice that there are some tiles that are no longer obtainable.

Volume –

In the Volume tile, the slider enables you to instantly adjust the volume or select the mute check box. When you click on the icon, it opens the control panel sound settings window, where users can easily adjust playback recording and configuring different sounds.

Sync Center –

Users, who are using Windows 8.1 Pro or Enterprise on their laptop, can make use of the Sync Center tile so that they can sync up files if they have set up their laptop to sync files with a network server through Offline Files configuration.

Battery Status:

You can easily get an instant percentage reading of remaining battery life from the Battery status tile. In order to select any of the obtainable Power Plans, you can make use of drop-down menu. If you click on the icon, it quickly opens the Power Options window.


In the Brightness tile, the slider enables people to quickly adjust the brightness setting of the screen. The Control Panel’s Power Options window releases to offer you with full access to all the power option settings if you once click on the icon in the upper left side.

Third-party Tiles:

The manufacturer can add some custom tiles to the Windows Mobility Center as it depend on the laptop brand of users.

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