commas-leftUsers can get application with the best of WordPress and Apple lines up and simpler to use.commas-right

A new version of their mobile operating system, iOS 7 is just released by Apple with amazing and eye-catchy user interface that modernizes form and function. It has colorful and spontaneous form and functions seem to be clean and stripped-down. As the announcement of Apple was buzzed few months ago, many developers have been started working to refresh the WordPress mobile app.

Now, users can get application with the best of WordPress and Apple lines up and simpler to use. The mobile app design is brought by the update with the current WordPress dashboard along with colorful navigation bar and new icons that delivers WOW feelings.

Open Sans typeface, the open-source font is used by the app that works remarkable on Users can also see the updated colors that give fresh look to your app. User will surely find the new app experience cheerful, consistent, and intuitive.

Hugo Baeta, leading the design aspects of this release, quoted,

The app now uses the Open Sans typeface, the open-source font that works so well on We also updated all the colors, bringing a brighter, fresher feel to the app experience. (And while we were at it, we fixed a few pesky bugs.) We think you’ll find the new app experience cheerful, consistent, and intuitive.


Interface updates

iOS app interface

While using the previous version of application, you will notice that some important aesthetic improvements in 3.1 version. Looking to the navigation, an omnipresent sliding menu is also included in app that functions just like the one on Facebook’s mobile app. Now, users can easily access the menu by sliding it from left to right, no matter where he/she is.


Latest features

iOS WP Layout

We all know that adjusting post layout from a mobile device is a tougher task. So, it’s nice to have post format support in this version that imports the preset formats supported by your theme. We have seen basic referral stats in the previous version; however the statistics in version 3.1 is good enough.

Now, users can find all-in-one in breakdowns by click, country, post and a variety of time frames in the new Stats tab. Moreover, users can also post pictures within a second through the new Quick Photo function for iPhone and iPad. Before publishing any post, you can also notice the ability by looking through preview section. It is one of the excellent tools make sure that you are posting appear proper ways.

Additionally, Reader is also available that allows users a chance to search content from other WordPress bloggers.


What’s New for iPad?

With this update, iPad’s larger screen size takes advantages with panel’s interface that allows users to see more information at one time. Moreover, users can resize or move panels to customize their view.

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You can get WordPress for iOS Version 3.1 in the App store for free. Download now and let us know what you are thinking about this update.