Case Study of iOS Application Development

What Our Client Was Looking in App?

Our patron was targeting the education industry. He was looking for a dependable and capable mobile application development agency or team with flairs in iPad app development. The initial demand was a word/notebook like application with text editor rich in essential, basic to advanced features and functionality. His early expectations were up to the creation of alluring and engaging UI with some interactive animation capabilities. Later on, demand extended to include more striking features such as presentation creation, drawings, PDF annotation, Glossary acronyms, terms & definition, audio recording, and much more.

How We Evaluated Needs of Clients?

Our passionate iPad app development team has analyzed the requirements of app technically and prepared the project development plan accordingly. The main target audience was students in schools and colleges. The expanded target audience was consist of technical and non-technical professionals, and business executives use iPad intensively.


  • Should type outlines and write summaries
  • Should edit documents.
  • Can find glossaries.
  • Could prepare animations.
  • Capable of drawing interactive images.
  • Can record and add audios/videos.
  • Should print the documents using wireless printing.


  • Can write notes on technical and non-technical topics.
  • Prepare extracts, snippets, and summaries of meetings, seminars, or events in real-time.
  • Prepare professional presentations with all tools that belong to rich texts editors as well as drawing tools and animation features.
  • Take advantages of cloud computing by connecting, saving, and interacting with cloud services.
  • Should prepare minutes of meetings and print it to distribute among the participants.

Genuine Approaches Taken by Team of iPad Developers at Perception System

We have allocated our iPad app development team to analyze the client needs and turn it into technical documents by defining the features, functionality, and scope of work.


We have recognized the creation of advanced ‘Rich Text Editor’ for extended functionality a big technical challenge. Fortunately, our iOS development capabilities have solved a number of issues successfully.


We have created an appealing user interface to draw cloud-like shapes and add life to it by animation and audio infusing tools.


We have developed a word book with all rich text editor capabilities including editing, printing, and saving on cloud storage applications like Dropbox.

Deployment & Maintenance

We have applied our iOS expertise such as Objective-C/Swift, UIKit Dynamics, Core Graphics, Core Animation, AV Foundation, Core Quartz, and cloud integration to create customized Rich Text Editor.

Striking Features We Brought in iPad App

Rich Text Editor

User interface with tools to create Rich Text Documents with interactive capabilities.


Tools to create interactive animations like animated clouds for better comprehension.


Editing tools with PDF annotation capability. Tools to find Glossary, Acronyms, Definitions, and terminology.


Drawing tools to create design, images, and interactive text blocks to create awesome presentations.


Tools to print documents created with multimedia content using wireless connectivity.


We have extended support for wireless gadgets including keyboard as well as accessing cloud services for saving and downloading documents.

Team & Technology

Combining the powerful Predix platform with our expertise in mobile development, microservice architecture, and user-focused experiences, WillowTree prototyped several applications that deliver useful data visualizations to infrastructure operators. As a result, those operators can make better-informed decisions, faster


Objective C


Text Editor








Quartz Core

The Final Result


Our ‘CloudWord Office’ iPad app Has Eased Myriads of Tasks of Students, Office Bearer, and Professionals by Providing an Interactive Rich Note Book Interface.


We have delivered an app successfully by providing deployment, approval, support, and maintenance services. The client had expressed his satisfaction and gratitude after the successful accomplishment of project


50K+ Downloads
100+ Reviews



Development & Implementation

Project Management



Client’s Feedback

Your team has exceeded initial demand of creation of alluring and engaging UI with some interactive animation capabilities by inducing more striking features. Thanks, guys for the hard work and all the time you put into to make it done. I appreciate everything.