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Branding Solutions

In the area where branding meets digital and print media, Perception System has encroached. We can say that we are experienced masters for online work to sketch up your branding and offering your business a new and fresh look. Our experienced branding experts exert wonderful and profitable branding solutions for your business, which you are looking for.

As we all know through branding, business owners can easily touch the heart of their customers. Here, we offer you effective online branding solutions for small as well as big organizations and companies.Through our branding solutions , you can easily give your company and products a visual, rational and advancing image.

At Perception System, we surely create a brand brand that gives good name to your company, arouse positive acknowledgment and an ease to remembrance. We also give you guarantee that your customers will think about your company and what your company wants from the brand through our wonderful branding solutions.

At Perception System, we are implementing our branding solutions in following manner:

Brand Strategy:
In different ways, thr brand recognization will be constantly communicated with flexibility and frequency throughout the life of your business. So, we have developed such strategies which are required for successful branding of your business. The below mentioned are our strategic services:
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Platform
  • Brand Positioning

Brand Identity

Brand identity is nothing but its all about how you wanted to make your consumers to perceive about your brand and products. There are many companies in the market, which are looking to fill the gap between brand image and the brand identity. The following elements are included in brand identity:

  • Visual Style
  • Packaging
  • Narning
  • Logos
  • Letterhead, Presentation templates, envelops and business cards
  • Booklets, annual reports, sell sheets and brochures

Digital Branding

DuMany of you are looking to make your brand popular across the globe but it is only possible through a good digital branding solution. You can easily produce a suitable marketign strategy which helps you to increase the sales of your business in a vibrant manner. Through the web, digital brand is the only way that focuses on communication. The main elements of digital branding:

As mentioned above, Digital Branding mostly occupies net media, so its elements obviously would be:

  • Intranets
  • Viral
  • Mobile
  • Websites
  • Video

Brand Environments

Brand environment is one of the excellents ways for brands to connect with valuable consumers. Through brand environment, you can easily determine whether this brand has been truly engaged with its consumers or not. The given points of brand environment:

  • Museums
  • Tradeshows & Events
  • Retail
  • Corporate Events
  • Pics
    Technology :
    Services Provided by PS
    Layout Integration in to Magento
    Make Inner pages according to template design
    Magento Customization
    SEO Friendly URL
    User friendly navigation
  • Pics
    Manley Solutions
    Manley Solutions offers independent consulting services for analyzing, designing and implementing wi
    Technology :
    Services Provided by PS
    HTML Formatted Email
    User Friendly Navigation
    Graphics, Template / Layout Design
  • Pics
    Gidilounge Radio
    Gidilounge Radio is a Blackberry application which allows the user to listen live streaming audio fr
    Technology :
    Services Provided by PS
    Gidilounge Splash screen Design
    Custom Interactive theme Design
    Optimized streaming for better user experience
    Buffering of the data for smooth listening experience
    List facility for selecting a particular song of users preference
    Repeat facility for the song being played
    Pause and resume buttons for better handling
    Window resize according to the resolution of users phone
    Application Signing using SigTool and .jad file configuration
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