Enterprise-Grade Support and Maintenance Service Provider Company

We have enterprise rank experts maintaining your software and website to help you keep your business IT assets steady, safe, and flawlessly high-performing. We help you to ensure your sustainable growth and business continuity to move forward with all the major maintenance and support challenges:

.Business Continuity

.Secure & Stability

.High Performance

Enterprise Software

Perception System employs a resilient team of System Analysts, Solution Architecture and Software Developer who use cutting-edge tools & techniques to help companies with modern software, web and mobile application needs.

Advanced Technical

We help to deal with outstanding technical support which requires all levels of technical expertise from bug tracking to system enhancement. Our technical expertise is rooted in a cluster of complex system implementation.

Maintenance IT

We take care of your all IT infrastructure that includes Cloud, Server, Technology Stack or Application maintenance which require to keep your business up and increase the efficiency committed to each service level.

Why Perception System As Your IT Support Partner

Our support and maintenance experts are always available to respond to your requirements whether it is related to the ongoing administrative management, hosting and server configuration, technical consulting, third-party integration, and enhancement of your website or web-based application.

Providing a Cost Optimizing maintenance services.

Quick Updates on your website upgrades.

Professional outcome on Personalized Managed Services.

Strong in-house team with Domain-Specific expertise.

Enabling Agile Planning to reduce operations & management.

Outcome-based Annual Maintenance pricing models.

Focused, and Dedicated Team managed by the experienced and proficient account manager.

What we do for Auxiliary Software Support

We offer full-featured supplemental services to build agile solutions that offer continuous and flexible support to build the right bridge between software development and business operations.

Development Support

You can rely on our outsourcing service for Software Development and Team Augmentation provisioning with experienced and skilled IT resources.

Performance Monitoring

Let us ensure you a full framework of Infrastructure and Product performance-optimized and monitored to avoid any glitch that may affect your business.

Application Improvement

Be ensured with our enhancement plans to work out for better functionality and improvement of your web, mobile, software applications.

Migration Service

Impulsive operational systems and server migration needed to perform to the utmost. We migrate infrastructure seamlessly to the next level preventing any break-downs.

DevOps Solutions

More than support for your website and software we build the bridge between product and developers, and avail DevOps services aiming to automate the delivery process.

Bug Tracking

Identifying flaws and defects into consideration, we handle the bug tracking mechanism and guarantee flawless and robust software products.

Bug Tracking

With continuous monitoring of your overall system performance, our support team undertakes guaranteed backups of your infrastructure on regular basis.

Cost Optimization

Optimizing your IT Infrastructure and costing by identifying misused resources, eliminating excess, and right-sizing hardware services for scalable software support.

Case Study


Lugelo is an innovative concept of a social media networking website in Kenya. It is with three innovative integrations, such as a storybook, timeline, and journal-like modern social networking features.



Lugelo is a Journaling & eBook app created on the cloud-native architecture of AWS serverless. Lugelo has made a successful app development by hiring on-demand developers for 9 months.

Comprehensive Website and Software Maintenance Services

Perception System provides accelerative thinking organizations with transformational maintenance and support solutions to meet their distinct business needs. Our technical support team can help you keep your software, website and mobile application maintained through our flexible support contract.

Software Support & Maintenance

At Perception System, we offer comprehensive Software Maintenance and Support with all 3 levels of IT support to cover all your technology-based issues and achieve smooth software operation. Our support team understands the troubles of any software complexity and helps you with each stage from tracking and fixing the bug to software enhancement.

Regardless of the level of support, you are seeking, our full-cycle maintenance services assure maximum efficiency with minimal issues with guaranteed software performance.

Support on Analysis.

Functional Enhancement

Immersive Experience (UX)

Legacy System Maintenance

Ensuring effective Software Scalability

Increasing Software Performance

Streamlining Software QA process

Website Updates & Support

We provide expert website support service for your time to time regular requirements such as ongoing changes, enhancements, re-design and re-development and site speed optimization, etc. to ensure optimal performance of your websites or web application at all times.

The Perception System Support team delivers a low-cost approach to make swift changes to your e-commerce site or shopping cart. All you need is to contact our sales team and you will be supported from the very next day.

Content Management & Updates.

Web Usability Management.

User Training and Support

Web Traffic Analytics & Reporting

Backend Administration & Upgrades

Website Quality Control

Application Maintenance

We apply a strong service delivery methodology for application support, giving stability and availability to manage your occupation with greater efficiency and peace of mind.

Perceptions System’s SLA-driven Application support and maintenance initiatives guarantee an extraordinary performance platform for overseeing your business online applications.

Continuous App Enhancement

App infrastructure Monitoring

Manage Application Assets

Data Backups/Restore

Application Administration

App Updates and Patches

On-Demand Technical Support

Let our tech team handle the task for your 360 IT problems that may arise occasionally cause usability or accessibility problems. We can help your software product run flawlessly to maintain and grow your business.

When you need to fix, restore or resolve urgent website issues, our technical maintenance team is always available to respond to your requests for the best level of cost and benefit affiliation you are comfortable with.

Technology Consulting

Product Health Check-up

Cloud Solutions

Delivery Management

Software Evolution

Scalability Automation

Interested in discussing a project?

    How adeptly our maintenance and support process differs.

    Perception System’s high-quality support and maintenance service organized and controlled process ensures that you get reactive development with proactive with a guarantee. Our Service Level Agreement provides the right way to ensure useful improvements and optimization steps and is broken down by the urgency in their approaches.

    We believe that professional maintenance and support is not only about task-specific engagement, but making sure that the entire IT infrastructure is cost-effective and runs secured, seamlessly and reliably


    Corrective Maintenance

    Perception System customize, re-engineer and enhance our existing solutions. We provide corrective maintenance service to deal with errors that occur due to wrong coding and design.


    Adaptive Maintenance

    We deliver your software and applications by ensuring it works stably and reliably even in a constantly changing environment by implementing an adaptive maintenance approach.


    Perfective Maintenance

    We enable scheduled maintenance services to make your system perform with the latest technology trend and stay in line with the latest trend and put your organization ahead of the competition.


    Preventative Maintenance

    Perception System’s expert support team sometimes takes preventive steps to make changes to a software or application to get rid of future problems from happening to reduce risks and failure.

    • Sprint
    • Start


    • Technology Consulting
    • Business Analysis
    • Solution Prototyping
    • Professional Web Design


    • Custom Web development
    • Related Mobile App Development
    • Integration Service Applications
    • Migration from Legacy System


    • Ongoing Support
    • Quality & Testing
    • Security audit
    • Updates & Optimize


    • Custom Web development
    • Related Mobile App Development
    • Integration Service Applications
    • Migration from Legacy System
    • Sprint
    • End

    Hire Dedicated Full Stack Developers for Cost Efficiency

    Our following hire dedicated full stack developer packages only mean to offer cost-effective ways that facilitate our B2B and tech-savvy patrons to realize their concepts, dream software, and address bespoke requirements. Our hire seasoned full-stack developers have the following exceptional expertise and experiences to deal with any complexities in scalable projects.

    Hire Now

    Leading Full Stack Web Development Company

    You Can Leverage Our Agile Development Methodology, We systematically do everything using Scrum and KANBAN approaches. Our Agile Full Stack Software Development process is aimed at building and maintaining object-oriented software systems to ensure team collaboration, on-time delivery, and agility.

    Perception System is a leading full-stack web development company that offers clean UI, top-notch Front-End and Back-End development frameworks, full-stack experts to manage services for complex IT solutions on different layers of the development.

    Web Modernization

    We comprise web Innovation at all angles of the cutting-edge technology; expected and from Web to Software and beyond.

    Agile Approach

    Bringing together Agile Methodology & Design Thinking to deliver superior user experience across the channel and platforms.

    Migration & Upgradation

    Migrating and upgrading your existing applications into advanced web applications to deploy Full Stack-based frameworks.

    DevOps Management

    Managing the complex set of dependencies for your large codebase, we employ DevOps specialists to fine-tune and archive.